Thunder's Purge: snares, cymbals, D6 microphone

Thunder 42

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Folks, Here's a current listing of several items posted on If there's interest, feel free to PM here or let me know that it is you and message within the site.

As hard as this is to do, I've been considering for a while, and these are the items that have not passed the "have they been played or used lately" test.

Tama SLP G-Bubinga 6"x14" snare

George Way Tradition 8"x14" exotic Bocote/Maple/Milkwood snare SOLD

Audix D6 Dynamic Kick/Bass Drum Microphone (a spare)

Craviotto 6.5"x14" single-ply, solid walnut snare

Zildjian K Custom 20" Dry Ride 1990s SOLD

Zildjian A Custom Pack and Road Runner bag:

Shipping, or DC/MD/VA drop-off or pick-up. Thanks for checking them out.
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