Thrones: Round or Saddle - opinions?


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Thrones: round or saddle - opinions?

I have the crappiest cheap little drum throne on the planet with a top diameter of just 12-inches across and I’m convinced this is messing up my quick doubles on the kick as it feels like I’m almost going to fall off the right edge of the throne when I have my right foot doing heel/toe or sliding kicks.

So, I’m looking at buying a ‘decent’ drum throne and I’m aware of round or saddle shaped ones. I’m a little perplexed as to the advantages and disadvantages of both. When I phoned my local music store one of the salesman told me that the saddle shaped top thrones are designed for those who have double kick pedals, i.e. one pedal under each foot, as the cutaways give you more room for this, but if you only use a single kick pedal the saddle shaped ones are not as good as there is less support there (due to cutaways) and it feel like you could potentially slip off them.

I’d be interested in actual drummers opinions on the differences and while I’m here, any recommendations on decent makes, preferably ones that don’t come lose after 10 minutes of playing doe to the drum key fixing coming lose, causing them to both wobble and rotate, neither of which I like as with my current throne it does both so I find I’m rotating around on it and it messes up my foot work.

So, key advantages and disadvantages to both round and saddle shaped thrones, what each is good for and recommendations for a really good one - budget no issue as long as it supports me well and does not wobble or come lose.

Thanks all.

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Whichever is most comfortable for you. I have both round and saddle thrones in my studio. If you're leaning towards a saddle style, you can have the best of both worlds--on some models--and still use the rounded back side as well as the front saddle.

Whatever style and model feels best to you is the way to go.

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That sales person's explanation is just weird.

It's all personal. Depends on your body and how you prefer to sit.

I use a Roc 'n' Soc saddle throne and it just works for me. If I had to sit for long as far back as I'd like on a round throne my legs would fall asleep and movement be obstructed. It doesn't have to be like that and sizes and design of both types of thrones and any other are just as relevant as the basic shape. I've seen all kinds of drummers with all kinds of thrones.

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I never had a back on my thrones, but the backed style feels better to me.


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I'm a round throne guy. I don't like the directional issues with the saddle type thrones. With the round throne, whenever you sit down, the throne is always in the right direction/position. If you stand up at all during your performance (which I try to do more often for showman's sake) you never have to worry about which way the throne seat is facing when you sit down.


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I've been using a Pork pie tractor style for Quite a few years and like it a lot. having said that I have a 1980 Tama Titan round throne that was pretty plush when I bought it and it's still feels pretty good also.


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Oddd-Arne, I find my legs start to fall asleep too as the front of my 'hard' round throne starts to cut into my legs.

I don't want a throne that swivels either and most of the ones I've tried tend to swivel a little, even if you get Arnold Schwarzenegger to tighten the the thing up where the seat meets the metal stem. I like to be planted firmly on a firm stool that does not wobble or swivel as I find that any movement from the throne screws up my kick technique.


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Round. I've never owned anything else and I've never had a reason to switch 🤷‍♂️


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I've used a saddle style for decades. Now that I'm stepping up my high-hat technique, I suddenly find it doesn't work worth beans for me, so I'm going to replace it with a round seat.
If you're leaning towards a saddle style, you can have the best of both worlds--on some models--and still use the rounded back side as well as the front saddle.
That makes sense. Unfortunately, my saddle seat has a ridge at the back which makes it uncomfortable if I turn the seat around. If a saddle seat didn't have that, turning the seat around would probably work just fine.


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Roc n Soc nitro saddle throne for me. To me, the throne is the most important part of the drumset..
Balance, comfort, center and support are provided by a good-quality seat.


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I've had a saddle style thrown since, forever. I know I started with a round thrown, but I switched to a saddle style a long, long time ago.

I don't find round thrones to be at all comfortable.


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My usual throne is a piano bench, which has all the support and comfort I've ever wanted in a seat.

I just played a rehearsal last week and the drums had a Roc N Soc saddle throne and while comfortable, I never quite got used to the feel. I always felt like I didn't have the throne turned in the right direction, and like ottog1989 mentioned I always needed to pay extra attention when sitting back down to be extra sure the seat was facing the right direction.

I really like my bench, but I had been considering a more normal drum throne for travelling I know I'm NOT a saddle throne kind of a guy.

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It depends on how high (or low) you sit as to whether a tractor seat will even benefit you. If you sit high, a tractor style will provide some benefit, but if you sit low, there isn't really any need for the cutouts.

I currently have a Roc n Soc Nitro original (tractor style) and a Carmichael throne. While the Roc n Soc is really nice, get a Carmichael if you are behind the kit for extended periods of time (studio, grueling tour schedule, etc...). Danny will even custom tailor it to you if you have specific requests.

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I have both. An OCDP round that's REALLY soft & cushy. I got rid of my tractor style Tama 1st Chair with the backrest for the Ahead split tractor for gigs. I was tired of numb balls & dick after 2 sets. ;)


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I have used both, and it really does not matter to me. Peace and goodwill.

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Kind of a hijack, but just an ADDITIONAL question since it's the convo

anybody else suffer from sciatica?
anybody change or select their saddle based on hat kind of stuff?

asking for a friend, I'm the picture of perfect masculine health


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