Three Cheese Pasta


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I’ve been trying to find out what a three cheese pasta is for the longest time and can’t find anything online. Does anybody know what it is and help me out with some sheet music or something?


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Unless it's some kinda super secret ancient thing, or maybe something new, someone is messing with you. You might find it stocked on the shelf next to blinker fluid.


seriously had me rolling ...haha...”I’m a 2 time personal chef” hahaha
Good one, right!? So I live in central Florida and regularly listen to an afternoon talk show on 104.1fm called The News Junkie (awesome show btw, available on the iHeartRadio app) and this video was a brief topic of discussion one day and they actually were able to talk to him live on air. If I remember correctly he is actually a chef but is primarily an actor/'personality' and has a whole slew of these show videos. He commented on filming these different shoots for hours and hours, all random little 'duh' videos like these. He also said the three cheeses in the bowls are not the cheeses he states, they are whatever cheese they could get first.