Thougts needed...drum care and buying a new kit


Hey guys,

This is strange because I'm 40 years old and have been playing for 27 years now and I'd like to talk about something that I've honestly never had to think about before. It pertains to where my drums are set up at the moment, and will be for the foreseeable future. I have my kit set up in a building where I work, in a nice private room which I am allowed to use. I can practice there and no one hears a things, it's fantastic. The room is perfect for me, about 10X12 and I have 12 GK Acoustic panels around the room for better sound, besides it being really loud in the room the sound is pretty good. But here's my problem, the building has no heat or air conditioning. It never really gets that hot because the room is on the lowest floor, half of which is underground, but it does get humid. When it's humid outside, it's humid in the room. There is an A/C unit in the room but I can't leave that running all the time, only when I'm in there. Now also there is no heat, I know that heat can hurt drums, but I never heard anything about cold. I probably could get away with a small space heater for the really cold winter months, Dec/Jan/Feb. I'm in NY, about an hour north of Manhatten. I mean, it is inside so when it's 25 outside it's still warmer inside. I think the humidity worries me the most because of the hardware and cymbals possibly rusting. So I was hoping I could get some thoughts/info on the whole heat/humidity/cold issue as far as caring for my kit, since I really am not sure. So this leads me to.........the kit I have in the room now is an old 70"s Ludwig Maple kit that I got for a song basically. It's beat up but looks pretty good and sounds really good. It's a kit that you don't need cases for, a beater that you can sit the 12" tom on the sidewalk while you unlock your car kind of kit. You know what I mean. But I'm thinking of investing in a new kit and selling these. I've played Pearl Masters kits my whole life and my last nice kit was a Reference, so I'm a bit spoiled and like to have a kit that I feel good about. I liken buying a kit to buying a motorcycle, it has to feel right on many levels. So I've been considering a new Starclassic Maple or maybe even Bubinga, or maybe even a new Reference, but I'm a little concerned about spending $2700-$3000 and having them in that space. Another alternative would be to get something like a Mapex Meridian Maple for around $1000, which I haven't played but hear great things about. But once again I'm admittedly a bit of a snob and like the higher end kits. I need a kit that I can gig with as well, not just practice on. I guess I'd feel better about leaving a brand new $1000 kit in there rather than a $3000 kit. I was hoping to get some thoughts from you guys and discuss it.


The first thing I would do is buy a dehumidifier for the room, just remember to empty the collection bucket. A space heater set at about room temp should be fine at least in the winter/fall months. As long as the temperature doesn't swing drastically from hot to cold then it shouldn't be that big of a problem.

As for a kit, that is up to you.


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I know how you feel about getting a pro kit,Theres nothing like owning a really nice one.So my first thing id say is get a best kit you can afford,If it 3 grand so be it why not,ya only get 1 life...............Now your room does have some issues,but with small heater,and a fan,etc no reason to worry.I think the heat,humid would be more of a issue than the cold...... .Another think that i think would help, is to get a heavy bed quilt or sheet just to cover the kit, to keep any sweat getting on the hardware???Good luck !!!