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At my local Guitar Center there was a blowout on acoustic drum sets. They had quite a few good bargains there and were liquidating them and making deals left and right to make room for floor space. Anyways I went there and spotted a PDP "FS" Birch kit in black cherry fade. The original price was crossed out and it was marked $199. Had the 10, 12, 14, 22, with original snare drum. The kit looked a little beat up, needed new heads, but they swore it came with the mounting hardware. I told them to reserve it for me while I looked around a bit. I also spotted a very nice condition Pearl Vision VBL in Concord Fade. This kit was beautiful and every tom I hit sang like a choir. Marked $299. This definitely had the hardware because I saw it laying there. It had no snare.

Long story short, they didn't have the hardware for the PDP kit and I offered them $150 on the kit; they willingly said ok. Of course this was a steal of a deal and I don't regret the price I paid for it. However they seemed very open to work with me on whatever I wanted due to my disappointment and now I almost wonder if the Pearl would have been the better kit if I could have got them to lower the price by $50 or so. I scored a generic double tom mount for $25 the PDP and am now on the hunt for a single tom mount for the floor tom for around $20. That brings the price back up to almost $200. A $50 difference between the two kits I think would have been well worth it.

Nothing I can do now as the Pearl kit is sold. But did I make the right choice? Are the PDP's on par with the Pearl's and vice versa? I listen to the Pearls on YouTube and man they sound heavenly. What's the construction difference and quality difference here? Did I severely miss out?

Help me to not be bummed here!


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At that price, why even ask? You got an incredible deal.

The difference between the two kits is minimal, if any. More than likely, the shells came from the same source. Perhaps even both made in the same factory.