Thoughts on this yamaha stage custom advantage shell kit?


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I'm looking for a new shell kit and found these. How much are they worth , and is the kit good? He says it's negotiable. Not buying the snare
Should I ask him to take more pictures? Kit is 22x18 12 13 16.


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You can't go wrong with a set of Stage Customs. It's my go-to when it comes to a modern kit. These are from an older series of SCs but still great quality and look to be in good shape. How much is the seller asking? The standard price for a brand new set of SCs is $649, so take that into consideration. I'd say pay no more than $450 considering the snare is not included.


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The Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drums are very good drums, with many owners being die-hard in their devotion to them. They have the renown Yamaha reputation for quality. If you like the birch sound, you will love them.

The set you are looking at looks clean and not abused, and it already has good-quality heads installed. Just check it for any stripped bolts in the tom holder, floor tom legs, and lugs.

The Ebay "sold" history on these kits shows them selling for lows of $200 (for the four-piece kit without hardware, like these), highs of $300. So the median selling price currently stands at about $250, and I would try to stay as close to that price as possible. Even at $300, you will not get hurt on them.



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I'm right there with GeeDee - Yamaha SC's, particularly before they went to 100% birch, were pretty highly regarded as a great value - they were priced at the mid-level, but sounded professional, with a lot of pro-level features.

I also agree that they look clean and not abused - that would be a nice set to snag up if you can get them at a good price.


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I have a set and love them. A friend of mine is selling a set for $350 in PA. I can get you a link if you want more info.


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Thanks for the replies! What does checking for stripped bolts imply? I'm not a native speaker .
It means checking tension rods on the drums with a drum key to make sure everything is tightening and loosening correctly, and the same goes for anything that tightens - tom holder wing bolts, kick drum tom mount wing bolts, the wing bolts on the tom legs, etc. Stripped threads means that the threads either on the bolt, or internally, have sheared off, and it can no longer be tightened properly.

I'm guessing that this kit should be ok - although there are exceptions (I had a lot of bad hardware strip out on my first kit - NOT a Yamaha) it's been a good long bit since I've had anything strip out on a drum or piece of hardware.


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The SC in the pic looks like it's in good shape and has decent heads on it. I'd offer $300 with the expectation of being talked up to $350. I'd consider $400 with the snare and snare stand.