Thoughts on Phil Collins


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Phil Collins! What an accomplished, versatile, challenging player!
When drummer friends visited, I would put on Nuclear Burn and ask them who the drummer was. They couldn't identify him or the time signature {11/8), and were flabbergasted when I told them who it was. Smooth, Driving, and that slinky feel all his own.

Absolutely brilliant playing with Genesis as well; Wind & Wuthering, A Trick of The Tail, And Then There Were Three, just to name a few.
Brand X; Unorthodox Behaviour, and do check out Moroccan Roll! His playing alone on Disco Suicide is so crafty, so nuanced, and his feel is always perfect for the music!
One of my favorite Fusion drummers along with Billy Cobham, Narada Michael Walden, Gerry Brown, Steve Gadd, and Lenny White.
Love gated drum sounds, too!

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I really must include Selling England By The Pound! The Battle of Epping Forest; such brilliant, crafty drumming!
And, on the other side of the coin, as expected, he is so solid on "Far Post" by Robert Plant.


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Was just thinking of him today as a few songs came on in my shop. Obviously nothing new lately and I really tired of him quickly a few years back. He has some great songs but I just don't care to listen to him now.


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Phil is absolutely one of my heroes. I played along to many Genesis tunes, as well as his first couple of solo albums, in my youth. As a singing drummer myself, Phil was a huge influence. I was lucky enough to see Genesis on their last reunion tour a few years back, when Phil was still playing drums (along with Chester Thompson). Wonderful.


Love Genesis, and I really like most of his early solo work as a writer but his drumming leaves me cold...Its all big arm movements, big hitting and too loose sounding for me and that awkward sitting position, well it didn't do him any good in the end.....great music tho.


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70s Genesis and Duke, oh yes! Never got on with 80s Genesis.

Folk forget his Brand X stuff too.