Thoughts on Lightweight Cymbal Stands


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I want to add some lightweight yet sturdy cymbal stands to my arsenal. I am very knowledgeable about hardware, and I use many 60's Ludwig Flat Base stands for my jazz kits. This is a smaller rock kit however, I need a little more stability and "beef" than the 60's Ludwigs, but I still want something light and that folds compactly. I can tell you waht I don't want so far:

I know about the Gibraltar and DW flat base stands. I don't like those. The main reason: The legs are too long! They take up a larger footprint than a normal, double braced stand. Plus, they are not all that light, for what they are. I also know about the Gibraltar "JZ" series, but again, the footprint is too big, and it's basically the same as a regualr, double braced stand weight wise (although it is single braced). I have tried the modern Ludwig flat base stuff, but I am not a fan of the 6mm threaded tilters, and the adjustment tubes with one t-bolt and one drumkey bolt is odd and inconvienient. Canopus also makes a modern flat base stand, but because its Canopus, 1 cymbal stand is over $100!

I like the Hamilton KB225 stands. They are lightweight, sturdy, fold compactly and can be regular or flat base, depending on how they are adjusted. I own some of them for another kit, but I was looking to use something different for variety's sake.

Has anyone tried the Sonor CS 171 cymbal stand? That looks lightweight and you can't wrong with Sonor. Anyone out there have any favorites?

Remember the two criteria:
1. It has to be LIGHT yet STURDY
2. It has to fold very compactly.

Thanks for your help!

I use all lightweight Yamaha cymbal stands, and I have not to this day found any stands I would rather use. They are really simple, light, inexpensive, the boom stands are convertible so they pack up small, and I've never wished them to be more sturdy. I still use the straight stand that came with my first set over 10 years ago, I use it now for a mounted tom and a 20" crash, it's had heavy use and I've never taken extra care with it.

One thing is, I do have to pay attention to were the legs are balanced in relation to the mounted tom, (or the cymbals that are on the extended boom arm) so that they won't tip over, but this is normal for any three leg stand.

Also, I wish my normal shops had Yamaha cymbal sleeves, but they are easy enough to find on Ebay, and they screw on so I don't have to worry about them falling off since I don't use toppers on some of my stands.

I never understood the "double brace" thing, I don't see how having more metal in the legs is really gonna help a cymbal stand all that much except to add weight.


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If the Hamilton stand works best for you, I'd stick to it. Even though it's nice to have different stuff, if it works, it works.

The new Ludwig Atlas stand has a 6mm top wing nut, with a key bolt and a wing nut at the height adjustment?
Or is that the FB stand they have had for the last few years (pre-2012)?

Pearl has a stand that is either a regular or flat base.

I have a bunch of the DW FB stands, but I haven't thought the legs were real long.
Compared to the original 60's stands they probably are.
They are very sturdy though, and after the heavier stands, they are a LOT lighter haha!
Even the single braced medium stands are pretty heavy.

I'm in for a bunch of the new Atlas FB stuff. I like foot with the ability to overlap the legs.
Sturdy, and not much of a limitation on placement. The tubing is a little beefier than DW/Gibraltar though, so I imagine it might be a lb. or so heavier.

Good luck!