Thoughts on gear


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A friend of mine has a really nice studio. In it he has Beech Mapex Series M drums that are a bit dead sounding. He asked me about that, so Im going to work with him and replace all the old heads, get rid of the dead-ringers and pillows, and open up the sound a little more.

He also asked, though, if he should sell the Mapex and get something a bit better. (and what is their resale value). He is not a drummer and whatever he gets will most likely never leave his studio, but will be played when people come in. I don't want to suggest over kill, and there is no cymbal issue to eat his funds. From what I have read on this forum, It seems Maple Gretch Renown shells could be a good choice at a mid level point ($800-$1100 used). Does that seem like a good suggestion or do you all thing should he look at something a little higher end and why? Please, no this is better than that answers without justification. :)

I told him keep the snare budget separate, and am going to suggest a wood and a brass, 14x5, and optionally a steel 14x6 and a brass 14x4. Here I am asking all you nice people what to look at in the 300-400 (US) per snare range (new or used).

I appreciate your help.