Thoughts on Bosphorus Gold Hats?


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I can get a 14" pair for dirt cheap, but I'd have to go on a road trip to test them. From the photos, they look like they're in good shape. They're used, but there aren't any cracks or dings anywhere.

The thing is, this will be paired with a 22" Bosphorus Master Ride. What do you guys think? I want to read your thoughts before I go on that road trip.


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If I remember right, that was the Bosporus "Rock" series, with brighter and heavier cymbals. I have a 10" Gold series splash that sounds great.

They still won't be as bright as Zildjian A's or Sabian AAX's, but they probably will be brighter and heavier than Bosphorus' other lines. Just something to keep in mind.