Thought on Sabian B8 Pro Aero Crash


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Sabian has a really cool model that was in one of the cymbal vote tours, I was lucky enough to obtain one!
I am really impressed with its tone ,response and decay and frankly, I never thought that the B8 alloy could ever sound this good, I play it right next to my Sabian HH Med. Thin Crash and it pairs perfectly!
I like it so well that in July, when this model goes into producton, Sabian is special making a 20" for me!
Has anyone else played these and what is your take on it?



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I played one at a Sabian tour stop last year. i thought it sounded ok as a efffect cymbal or to get some different sounds out of your kit. I play a B8 Pro O-Zone that replaced the APX O-zone Sabian discontinued and I like it for what it is. A short, quick decay, effect cymbal that sits nicely between a china and a traditional crash. I'm not sure how the 20" will sound, seems like the holes defeat the purpose of playing larger cymbals, but to each his own. Cool to hear Sabian is custom making you a cymbal, enjoy it.

Trip McNealy

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I'm with you. I actually think the B8 Pro Aero Crash sounds a heck of a lot better than the AAX version. I would like to get a 20" version like you too. If you ever come across the SKU # they give you for your 20" let me know!