Those who carry on a family musical legacy...


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Both my parents loved music-my Dad played snare in band as a kid and Mom went to Chicago Music conservatory to study music. She was the most musical-she loved music and was always playing her piano or singing songs and dancing-Mom and Dad could dance up a storm. Mom pushed all of her kids to take piano lessons, dance lessons, singing lessons, anything musical-dance-singing related. She was very active in community using her musical skills choreographing and playing. Most of her grand kids and now great grand kids now play at least one musical instrument. Everybody called her "Sweetie Face" because that's just the love and sweetness she glowed. I know it's amazing I'm her seed=it must skip a generation LOL.


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My maternal grandpa was Whit Lakins, said to be '3 time fiddlin' champ of Tennessee,' though I have no verification. He was born in 1865, worked minstrel shows. His sons Jake (big harmonicas) Bill (fiddle) Shorty (lapsteel & harmonica and vocals) were players. Their big gigs were union meetings, they were brick layers. My cousin Freddy was a drummer and worked with his dad Shorty as Freddy and the Freeloaders. On my Dad's side, my uncle Sprout had a bluegrass band, his wife, June played bass.
My little brother,Roy, is a drummer as is my nephew Mike.
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Prince made a movie about it. And there are the Laboriel's, then Sheila E, Dweezil and in Hawaii you can't not know the Pahinui's.
here's Pops Pahinui in a song you surely have heard but didn't know it was him.

My family has been on the fringes of professional music and dancing for generations too, one cousin made it big time in corporate music design, ate him up inside and he passed really young but we all know his video game ditties- his son plays for a hobby.


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My great grandfather was a drummer in the 1920's in rural Illinois. Supposedly his band was very popular in the barn dance scene. Since I'm the only other drummer in the family, his kit eventually came to me. I've posted pics of it somewhere on here in the past. No idea about the bass drum, but the snare is a Lyon & Healy.