Those are dated?


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So I'm on this exhausting hihat search night and day on YouTube. The ones flipping me out are the 13"KZ hats. Then it's they were a 90s thing. What?..why?..if it sounds great it's forever no?. In YOUR own words can you tell me why they were the must have hats...i guess for the 90s?. Also give me your once cool hip piece of gear yesterday but NOT today?. To me cool is forever if it was truly ever cool. I've been using this cheap azz snare drum by mapex that has my superphonic 6.5x14 and BB 70s 6.5x14 collecting dust for 15 years. I'm puzzled why the 13 KZ's are out of Vogue?.


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I think they fell out of vogue in part because Zildjian discontinued the original Z line.

And in part, because Zildjian/Sabian/Everyone else has come out with 101 different models since then, and so there is less incentive to mix and match random h-hats together when there are so many choices out there.


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If I could have had a few beers with Bonham and Paice with those two telling me the 13 KZ hats totally suck I'd leave an hour later telling them they were idiots 😃. I'm smitten by these hats.


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I played a pair of 14" Zildjian Platinum hats for 20 years, cool or not they were "fine" until I heard my current 15" Avedis hats......

Cool is in the eye and ear of the beholder.......not that Platinums were ever really cool for more than a hot minute, but New Beats are New Beats


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Tastes have changed that's all. I've got a pair of original k/zs at home and they're great hi hats, they're the loudest hi hats I've ever owned and they really work well in the studio.

If you're playing anything funk/disco/Stewart Copeland and need a cutting hat sound that gets out of the way quickly look no further.

I've got an original 20" K Custom to go really Weckl. My mullet growing days have long gone, be more of a Mick Fleetwood skullet and a divorce if I grew my hair ;)
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Can I get help on this..i owned a pair of 14 dark crisp hats but after getting them they sounded nothing like what id played at Mars music. Now I see a set online that sound great. I thought Paiste was consistent?. Did they come in weights?.

Jeremy Bender

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Consider the source, half the people commenting on YouTube probably didn't exist in the 1990's

I have a pair of 14" dark-crisp around a decade old and they're wonderful sounding cymbals. I've found Paiste to be very consistent with things like ride and crash cymbals over the years.

As far as weights go, Amy may be able to help out on this she's pretty knowledgeable about Paiste cymbals.
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Well Fusion. You needed 1/2 Jazz 1/2 metal
top/ bottom
be better off going with a heavy K bottom

there was around the same time another pairing a heavy yet K bottom- a rare heavy K bottom- Custom K notched. I had it. 13K/ Custom K notched
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Also give me your once cool hip piece of gear yesterday but NOT today?

Hanging floor toms. I like the concept, and I sort of liked they way the would bounce around a little after you hit them, but after wearing out multiple ball-and-socket mounts, I grew weary of them. I like traditional floor tom legs now. I also don't like any of my toms bouncing around anymore. I don't know many more drum companies that currently make hanging floor toms.

I'm puzzled why the 13 KZ's are out of Vogue?.

There's an ebb in flow as to what's "cool" in the drum world just like everything else. Also, like everything else, there are so many choices that I don't think there's "that one thing" or one brand that everyone wants anymore. So. Many. Choices! So many types of music. So many builders and customizers. There's no shortage of "the right tools for the right job" anymore.
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