Thomas Pridgen


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Thomas is quite the amazing player.

I've got a few videos of him with Volta, they're quite high quality if you want to see them Let me know.


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I went to high school with Thomas my senior year, which was his sophomore year, and we were in jazz band together that year. Looking back, it was amazing to watch him play every day, talk shop, and I learned a lot from him. It's nice to see his new success, and I hope he blows everyone away on the new TMV album, cuz I know he can! Thomas, what's up with some tickets!

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I cannot wait until the new album comes out from TMV. I have also only heard one song they performed with Thomas Pridgen. He didn't really stand out much to me, but i've seen other solo videos of him, and they were sweet!


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I remember Pridgen from the gospelchops videos I downloaded a while back, and from Christian Scott. If you told me then he'd be playing with TMV I'd laugh. Now I've heard... it's actually a damn good fit!
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Anyone know his cymbal set up i know he plays Zildjian. probably A customs. But from the look of the one's when TMV played on letterman almost looked like prototype's/custom made one's the china he was using sounded amazing.


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Saw them (TMV) yesterday here in Sweden, and Thomas is really kickass behind the set, best drummer ive seen live probably. Great show btw, Cedric threw out one of Thomas crashes to the adiuence DW stand and all, but I didnt get in the mosh pit of "grabbers" would been nice with a free A custom crash 16/17? thou =).


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yeah i went to the january 30 show and met him hes hella nice
and ofcourse hes ma favorite drummer...hella sick gospel chops man


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I read an article about him in oen of my drumming mags, and he and his grandmother had to lie about his age, of three, to get him some lessons. I was just learning to run.


just to let you all know Thomas told me that he smashed his DW Acrylic Kit. But he will be getting a new kit


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I saw him play with The Mars Volta last night and words cannot describe how insane he is! The performance was perhaps the single most amazing thing I've ever seen, and extremely exhilarating. His kit sounded so nice too, those floor toms and bass drum were among the deepest I've ever heard.

He was playing the usual DW Acrylic kit, I don't know if it was the same kit, or a new one.


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Hi Guys,

since I've watched Thomas' videos on Drummerworld, i'm a fan. You must watch the Drumbattle between Thomas and Tony Royster Jr. on Youtube. I like Thomas' style much more. Check it out.

In the Video "Thomas Pridgen demonstrates a great Gospel Fill" Thomas names a book in the beginning. But I can't undestand the title.
Can someone name me the title of the book?


i believe he's just referring to the following fill as being played out ,so he's citing random penal code and infraction numbers for the "offense"
of people still using it


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i love this guy hes incredible and such a deserving guy aswell not some cocky dude.also that tv performance of wax simulacra was amazing


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I've been checking this guy out since I read the interview in the latest Modern Drummer magazine. He is phenomenal and makes it all look SO easy. He looks like a kid in a candy store at the drums - he's having so much fun.

Only 24 years old!