This Weekend at Your Place


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This is a thread to share a pic of "your place". Could be your kit Sunday morning, the "devastation" after a Friday night gig, your practice room on Saturday afternoon. You get the picture (pun intended). A little back story to frame the picture (pun intended again) would good prior to the pic(s). Also, puns are welcome as is humor of a science/math nature ('cause that's the kinda guy I am). Anyway...

A few years back my lovely wife decided that I should move all my gear out of the basement and into a nicer space so we built a studio. My house is built onto a hill so the back of the house looks like it's an extra story high. Anyway, the back of the studio has a little balcony off of it. I took the photo below this morning because I thought it looked nice.

I am not a fan of mowing lawns so I have tried to minimize mine. A couple years ago I started replacing lawn with a ground cover called ajuga. In the spring it produces spikes of bright blue flowers. After a couple of weeks you mow them down and you're done mowing for the year. The stuff is tolerant of full sun or shade and either dry or wet conditions. In full sun the leaves turn sort of a copper-green. Anyway, in this shot you can see how much I have managed to cover. Eventually all of the grass will be gone. The cement block walkway used to be a patio but I pulled it out last summer and replaced it with a stamped concrete patio. Had to do something with the old blocks, right? I figure it will look nice once all the ajuga fills in. You wouldn't want to walk through it as is. The spikes are a good 6" high and the bumble bees just love the stuff. You can't tell from the pic but the green stuff just beyond the ajuga is filled with perenial flowers (cone flower, foxglove, etc.), and some berry bushes (honey berry). Off to the right side are a bunch of black and red raspberries, and an entrance to the trail that goes into the woods. Off to the left of the white lilac is a small garden with the unique mix of strawberries, blueberries and garlic. We go through an amazing amount of garlic in a year.



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I won't post a picture of my case in case Social Services get alerted as to my living conditions...

Plus the three dead hookers in the cellar might garner some attention.