This trend of adding objects onto playing surfaces...


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I think there seems to be a trend of lo-fi, staccato drum sounds to go with more ambient type music these crazy kids are into these days. I'm not a fan, but to each his/her own.


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Couldn't have said it better myself. I didn't pay good $ for nice hats to put $12 worth of yard sale on top.......

That being said, for recording/studio creativity I can support it to an extent as some classic tunes have some odd sound sources we never would have guessed......
There was an old Volkswagen commercial where all the percussion and sound track sounds were recorded from the car sounds (doors closing, engine starting, safety belts whistling, etc)


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As good old Rick Beato and his you tube channel proves out......listen to the top 10 on Spotify etc and you will be lucky if 1 or 2 have a live drummer playing the track........

And I can't turn a song off fast enough that has that damn staccato fake ass hihat thing going is like nails on a chaulk board to me.....


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On the subject of adding things... I think that just with everything, there has to be someone "uncool" so that the rest of us can be "cool".
In an old book that I read many years ago, the writer's description of hell was that of a place where you were not physically but mentally tortured.. for example nobody could create art that was not perfect, even if you tried to purposefully make it ugly, it corrected itself... therefore you could not be different than anybody else and that drove everyone crazy... for eternity. So if someone wants to put a dead cat on top of their hats.. let them you be the cool guy that keeps things looking neat.


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Objects on the snare drum to dry it out is by no means a new thing.
It’s been happening since the 40s and 50s
Probably before
Guys have been doing this especially in the studio since the inception of recording drums


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Jim Keltner made a career of putting odd things on a drum set.

Not much different than stacking two cymbals to get a sound effect noise.


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I think it all started back around the time when something much like this was made in the 80s, spawning a torrent of bands styled akin to Edie Brickell to invade the coffee shops of America with their tam-festooned drum set objects and buckets of patchouli oil. When something like this goes unchecked, we end up where we are now, where someone plays a gig with a cajon and a foot-tambourine. Please my brothers and sisters, don't let this be you. Get that crap off your hat before it's too late:



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when I was in college, we would always do pieces in percussion ensemble that used "prepared" items...

I played a hi hat that looked much like that in one piece...
tympani with upside down cymbals on them
pianos with paper, or wires ran through the strings
marimba pieces played while you stomped your foot with jingles on it

it doesn't bother me, but i agree that many times people use it in situations where you cant' really hear it anyway...and that is sort of "cringy"