This is why i like jazz...


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Ok.. not sure what genre.. but i just ran into this and have to post it.. and i thought drummers would like it :) Be warned.. the longer you listen the better it gets, i think it's a trap of some type..

The Shaggs


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Wow, that was something! Check out song 10 at double speed. It's even better!


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Eh, I've heard better

It's a good attempt at shite. But at least it's both in time and in tune, shite. The poor old Shaggs can claim neither.

And I think that lyrically, this one makes more sense!!

FWIW, I'm getting lost down a YouTube rabbit hole following these chicks. Will it ever NOT be funny?

The commentary on a number of other vids is equally as hilarious.
Of particular note.
- I'm having difficulty transcribing this
- Man, the new Radiohead single rocks
- I'm convinced there are parts of the world where those drum fills are actually illegal
- This song is what dementia sounds like
- Guitar Centre on a Saturday afternoon.

I could go on forever. Funny stuff!!
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It seems they were a little famous, Cobains #5 all time album.. and zappa loved em.. I just looked and there is a live video of them in 2017, either they practiced or got a new drummer :( either way.. not near as good..

It's funny but i started last night in just a foul mood (my normal state of being) and listened to that whole thing and i was smiling so big... just something about it, maybe the whole "Who cares.. lets just do this" thing.. it's kinda pure :)

P.S. i am calling it Punk-Jazz Fusion... it can live on a plinth all alone


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So the real question related to another thread "Is this Classic Rock"? LOL.
I remember the 60s were flooded with flash pan bands-here today gong tomorrow but I don't remember them.


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Despite several attempts I have yet to make it through the first track. My brain hurts trying to work out the time signature. Either it's 1/8 or infinity /16


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On 'musician' forums where people seem to care a lot about technique, sound, gear, tempo, etc., an album like this one is always an easy target to get a few laughs and to have everyone agreeing that this is the most crap record ever..

Thats the same sort of discussion as Rembrandt vs. some abstract art (when people say that their child can also paint like that) and therefore useless..


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Nothing worse than overdubbing a bad voice. Holy mackeral.