This is the coolest thing ever x 1000


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What brings me down: I was actually beginning to believe that when it was all over, someone just might actually fly.

What lifts me up:
I hope the Foo respond.......................
Grohl will respond, mate. I have no doubt. That's just the kinda guy he is.
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My favourite bit:

Usually a post titled 'this is the coolest thing ever' has a video of the OP doing stick twirling sticks.

As soon as it wasn't that....I loved it!


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Saw this over in another board. It was cool seeing all of the drummers playing the same thing at the same time. Great job!

If I had the opportunity, I don't know if I'd rather be playing drums or guitar.

It looks like it was tons of fun!


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An amazing video, & must be even more amazing to be a member of Foo Fighters viewing it for the first time.

Of course, my covers band gets video requests like this weekly, but as the numbers taking part rarely exceeds a few hundred, we don't bother responding ----- YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Bender

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I noticed a bit of confused fundamental in the bass drum due to the mixing of woods from the different kits. Other than that it was inspired.

Jeff Almeyda

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That was glorious. The power and emotion coming from them was so intense I felt chills.

And Dave Grohl is the coolest rock start in the world. Thank God it wasn't for Taylor Swift.