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Says on the site that it works by sticking to your rug. So you must use a rug.

Honestly, though, I just don't understand why we still have bass drum creeping problems. It dawned on me years ago after regularly roping my bass drum to my throne that the bass drum pedal has spikes for a reason. If the bass drum is placed on a rug and the pedal spikes extended to engage the rug, the bass drum will not creep forward. Use the pedal anchors as intended and you can kiss the bass drum creep goodbye forever.




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I don't like the pressure that the spikes transmit to my bass drum pedal. I feel that the BD counterhoop is being torqued. Those spikes lift up my pedal, the pedal puts pressure on the hoop. I don't like it.

I use the lightest, thinnest, indoor/outdoor carpet possible, non backed, and I never had creep with just the spikes. The throne sits on the rug, so the rug is anchored by me, that's why I need no backing on the rug. The spikes get into the weave, and even though it's not thick at all, the bass drum stays put. Velcro on the bottom of the pedal is a better idea than the spikes IMO, but I don't care for Velcro either. I don't need any help with BD creep, because it's not an issue.
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I use an indoor carpet everywhere I go with a DW 5000 pedal with Velcro on the bottom. I have my spurs sticking out on the kick drum, and I they never move.

Our kit at church has a really light kick drum, and it has Kbrakes. They were pretty well too!



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I got my kickblock after reading all the reviews about it. bass drum creep was always an issue - even with my drum rug. kickblock is the only thing that has honestly worked for me (and ive tried it all). I say give it a try!