This is getting rediculous!!


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Well, some of you may remember in my previous posts talking about ordering the new Stage Custom from Yamaha. Well now it has taken a new turn, and for the worse.....

I ordered a New Yamaha Stage Custom in March 08. They said prob be here in early Oct, I was shocked, but I waited.
I got a call on Sept. 2, they came in, Horray!! I go to store... the toms came with no mount arms, the finish has very small and almost unnoticable problems in the Clear coat, and the Bass Drum had a hole in it and in the box, the size of one of the forks from a forklift!! And the store didn't have the heads I wanted for the toms. So they send the BD back and order heads for the toms.
9/26 I get a call the new BD came in, so I go to the store, open it up, and the bearing edge (batter side) has two dents in it like someone slammed it, not set it down, but slammed it on a drumstick. (about 1/8th of an inch deep) and curved like a drumstick.
I had been cool until this point, I know the guys at the GC store, I went to Highschool with the store's Assistant Manager, we are on good terms, mainly because I know this isn't their fault.
So for the first BD re-order, I told them to tell Yamaha I was a "mad customer", to pretend I was very angry and upset because it came damaged, when in reality I knew it was probably the shipping company. And to express to Yamaha that I wanted them to make sure their product came to me well protected, and secure.

9/28 we (asst. store manager and I) call Yamaha Cust. Service and explain the problems and they seemed eager to help (which was a first since the beginning). However they said "We don't have any BD w/ that configuration (22x17, Stage Custom, Raven Black, which by what they advertise is a stock, and normal BD) in their system and that they would have to MAKE one! AND it wouldn't be ready until DECEMBER!!!

At this point I couldn't keep cool. I still understand it is not my friends at GC to blame for this, and I explained to them that I know this. But this is super frustrating, and very annoying.

As the conversation drew to a close (Asst. Manager, Yamaha and myself) the yamaha guy said he would call back tomorrow with more specifics. It was after this phone call that I told my friend "you don't have to pretend I'm mad anymore."


So can anyone sympathize? or know what I'm going through?
Am I over-reacting?
I guess I just don't get it, is it too much to ask of a Drum Manufacturer to fabricate drums without obvious flaws, and recieve them in a resonable time frame?
I understand they have a lot of orders, and that they don't have time to redo orders. Well, if that is the case then why don't they make their current orders right the first time?

maybe I'm just venting, but I am feeling very frustrated, and irritated with this situation.


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That takes the cake. 6 month wait for Yamaha Stage Customs which you should be able to walk into any Big Box store and take home that day. I'd cancel the order and get it online at Musicians Friend or Interstate Music or Explorers Percussion


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Ok, first off you said you have been dealing with the assistant manager at GC. Has he checked with other GC's across the country to see if they have the bass drum available?

Second, are you dealing with Yamaha or some "Yamaha" distributor? You have explained that you have waited since March and still cannot play the set right?

Third, who is the shipping company?

That is ridiculous! If your assitant manager / friend is worth his salt, he should have already brought this to the attention of the store's manager who in turn should have already been in contact with GC's national buyer who i believe is Glenn Noyes. In fact, if i was you, i would have already contacted him. Give it a try:

I'd give it one week then i'd cancel the entire order. Both GC and Yamaha are letting you down!!!!

Good Luck!


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That is ridiculous!
I had a similar experience not long ago. I ordered a new Mapex M Birch. It arrived with a dent on the BD bearing edge and the wood was cracked on the inside. I contacted Zzounds where I had ordered it and they said I would have to pack the whole kit back up and send it back. Then they told me that they were having "problems" with the company and it would probably take about a month to get another one.
However, my hat goes off to Zzounds because within 3 days of shipping the damaged one off, the relacement (in perfect condition) arrived at my house.
I didn't have near the wait that you have gone through but I do understand your frustration, Afterall, you just want to play!
Good Luck.


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Wow, I'm a patient man, but I would have freaked out and cancelled the order a long time ago. I once had a problem like this with Home Depot. A whirlpool tub came in damaged twice. I cancelled the order the day that the second tub came in damaged and I ordered a third tub of a different brand from a competitor. Three weeks later the tub came in at the competitors store undamaged and I finished my bathroom. I never special ordered from Home Depot or that manufacturer again. I admire your diligence.


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wow thats unbeliveable, im sorry to hear about that.....personally, after the second time i would of phoned up Yamaha tell them i want my money back and told them im gonna go by a much larger, kit from


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This is terrible. THe responsibility lies with GC imo. Yamaha is notoriously slow in their response ( though they do the RIGHT thing always, in my experience..)

I'd follow Mucksters advice on this. Stick it to GC and tell them to make it happen your you.


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Sounds like you are ordering from the same folks at Dell Computer!! Talk about run-around. Geez! I'd take the advice below and cancel the order, get your money back, then order on-line or order directly from Yamaha. Geez! You have every right to be pissed off. Good luck!


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This is terrible. THe responsibility lies with GC imo. Yamaha is notoriously slow in their response ( though they do the RIGHT thing always, in my experience..)

I'd follow Mucksters advice on this. Stick it to GC and tell them to make it happen your you.
Same thinking as well...follow Mucksters advice! I thought I had probs when I had to wait a little over a month to get my kit...sorry to hear it has been hell! But 7 months is far...FAR too LONG have GC get this squared away within the next week or kill the deal. If it were me it would have been KILLED as soon as I saw damage on the bearing edge.



I know how it goes, though I have no experience with broken drums or bearing edges. But I did have to wait for my add-on floor tom twice as long (literally) as what the guys from the music store promised and went apeshit over that already, I told the guys over at the store I knew it wasn't their fault, the guys at the store have been great, but I wanted some form of compensation and they'd have to square it with the distributor. I got a set of free heads out of it.
However, here in the Netherlands the problem is that most big manufacturers have no idea that we even exist ("Holland... that's, like, the capital of Amsterdam, right?"). What's happening to you is rediculous indeed.

If you play your cards right you can probably get more out of this than just a proper kit.