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I was actually thinking about this the other day. I am in two bands that play gigs all over the northeast and have played with hundreds of different bands in the last few years. It seems to me I would have crossed paths with somebody from the forum in that time. But to the best of my knowledge I have not.
I work in a Hopistal that employees over 1000 people. Outside of work, and not counting work affairs, I have met three or four people on the street. Mostly the grocery store. One at a drum clinic. Its strange how we don't run into people from rathger large groups.


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Ahh, I'm nothing like you guys. There's nothing impressive about my life that I want to share. I just love to play drums.
Who said impressive is even a requirement? I'm not impressive either. Just a regular Joe. You're here just like everyone else is. You are a survivor because all your ancestors were winners because they survived to continue the tradition with you. So you are a crucial link in your family chain. That can be considered impressive all by itself. You're here on planet Earth, right now. Reproduce so you can continue your bloodline. That's really the most important reason we are all here. Your very presence has changed the world in ways you may not even be aware of. So give yourself a little credit.


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I've only met Jon (Bermuda) in person. Almost got to hang with Matt Eder for a bit when I was down at disney, but he got sick that day and had to stay home!

Larry is such a character that I am quite sure some day we will have a beer together. PFOG is also on my "must beer" list though since he lives where toilets flush opposite, it might be less realistic.

And if I ever make it out to NY, I'm going to stalk Tony and force him to give me a quick lesson at gun-point if need-be.


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Way back before the internet and when dinosaurs roamed the planet, I was lucky enough to attend a clinic at UTA given by Dennis Delucia for our drumline.

Now many years later I see he is on DW. Cool!

(I guess you can say I've met him.)


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I haven't met anyone on the forum. I'm not even sure if any forum members live near me.


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I've met a lot of people on here... Andy, David Floegel, Henri, Grea, Larry, StaggerLee, Guru Dean, Madge, Madge's other half, Nuka and a whole load of others (please don't be offended!). This place is great.

Jazz Man

I'd LOVE to meet up with you guys. I don't have very many people I can talk shop with (in person) and you guys have been most generous and helpful to me in the past. I really appreciate it.
It would also be nice to go and see you guys when you play out to offer support!

I'm based in L.A.....very close to the Baked Potato.

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I haven't met anyone on the forum. I'm not even sure if any forum members live near me.

If you were more specific with your location, you might find out :)

It's always nice to see locals on message boards. I know Hollywood Jim and EddieV, both in Phoenix.

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Whatever nopales are...
The tender parts of a particular cactus. They're like comfort food in the Southwest and Mexico. My grandmother used to cook them up with pork in the deee-lish red chili sauce.

They're not particularly pretty though and enjoyed in the Southwest, hence the modification on the saying.