This forum is rampant with heroes


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Wow, thanks for the inclusion here, guys. I love everyone on this forum. Except for 805 Drummer. Kid's gotta go.

Kidding, kidding! This place is amazing, and I love both learning and sharing my knowledge on here.


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It's nice to see this great love fest going on and people acknowledging each other for their input into the discussion. It's like a big group hug. :)

I know in the last two years I've leanred a tremendous amount from the discussions and it has really helped to move my drumming to the next level. I couldn't imagine having this when I was a young drummer just starting out and looking for focus and guidance.

Andrew, thanks for the nod.


I don't have any specific heroes, but do enjoy this forum a lot!
Big group hug!


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I'd like to point out that, post count aside, there are at least 5 times as many non-members than us lot watching these threads at any time (well, mostly), so there's many more heroes lurking unregistered, let's not forget them.

wy yung

I've never been one to check out these favorites type threads, but wanted to at DW.

There are many posters I admire. Some are pro's, others not but all matter to me. But you know who I really like? The beginners, people new to this fabulous sensational musical instrument. From a beginner no question is stupid.

There are others I have a bit of an issue with. These would be people who for one reason or another have not sought out drum or musical education and then have a negative attitude toward it. Or feel that somehow lessons and books hinder growth or one's personality. To say things like this on-of all things-the internet is the height of idiocy IMO.
I've no problem with self taught musicians. Just those who criticise trained musical education. As if Shakespeare would have been a better author if only he'd not learned the alphabet.


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I think that guy Sopranos is a pretty cool cat.... I have learned a lot from him and his posts have been extremely valuable.

OK, thats low..... I wont vote for myself then.


I've no problem with self taught musicians. Just those who criticise trained musical education. As if Shakespeare would have been a better author if only he'd not learned the alphabet.
Shazam! If I had a heroes list you'd be on it ;)


Everybody has been pretty cool to me since I joined. Watch, now that I said this someone will try to cyberfight me! I have found tons of helpful info and fun reading on DW. Stay classy!



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Some of my biggest Heros on DW are the folks that I sometimes disagree with! By this I mean that when I disagree with someone, Or someone disagrees with me, It makes me think! I don't hold any animosity toward those that don't see eye to eye with me. I always try to see their point. I have modified many of my opinions based on what people said that disagreed with me. I simply changed my mind after hearing the points of the argument. There have been numerous occasions when this has happened. I don't want to mention specific threads or people. I think that we are all heros equally! Everyone here adds to the significance that makes us a whole entity. I don't take contrary opinions to mine personally!
I present my view in a thread and I don't hold a grudge against those that post otherwise. I don't know if this sediment comes through in my posts or not. I hope that it does. I want to like everyone here for who they are and I want them to like me for who I am.
I'm OK, and You're OK! Thats the way I feel. I think that we are all Heros! DW should be a refuge where respect for each other is key. People who share the same interest shouldn't dislike each other because they don't agree on a few points in a thread. We should all be "Family" here. We should not have be apprehensive about speaking our minds! That is why the forum rules are as they are! The rules of this forum exist to promote tolerance. The forum rules and the diligent enforcement of them are the things that I like most about DW and the personalities that post here.
I was flattered when I read this thread and I saw that some members of this forum mentioned that they like to read my thoughts! Thank You! I enjoy reading your thoughts too!
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I love you all haha even tho I really dont come around here anymore. Im pretty busy with my music life and wish I really had more time to post :)


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This reads like People's, 50 Most Beautiful People.

Everyone who actually cares enough to put forth some productive thought and insight has a piece of the succesfful nature that we all share inside DW.

Like an Emmy speech...someone's getting left out.

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this site is like a big musical brain!
there is so much knoweledge and information here, you just have to look for it....and it's great when acomplished pro's come on here to help out...
i have learned so much from being on this forum.....and although i have not done it, (partly because i am 17 and have no money)....the real heroes are the people who donate!