Thinking of auditioning....


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Ok, I'm getting restless again. It's been since April since I left the rock, blues, country band I was in (not by choice - I wasn't a good "fit" for them I guess), and I am looking to get back to rehearsing and gigging. In other words, I miss it.

This band I am thinking of auditioning for plays rock and blues from the 60 's - 90's and are called Far From Okay. Here's the link to the band's website:

As usual, I am a bit nervous and have doubts about my ability since I got sort of a surprise firing from my last band 5 days before a gig at an outdoor festival we were scheduled to play latter part of April. However I am a firm believer in pursuing any and all opportunities to audition and / or play and need to get back in the saddle again, so to speak. And I may or not be a fit for this band, but it's worth it just to audition, for the experience if anything else. They can only say "no, thanks", right???

Any advice or words of encouragement before I step outside my comfort zone? Thanks!


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Jump back on that horse mate

I always got nervous at any auditions I did.....that's pretty normal for many of us. The key is not to let it affect your playing, but use the nerves to keep you sharp and focused. All you can do is show up with a professional attitude and play your best. The decision is theirs to make, just do all you can to ensure it leans in your favour when all is said and done. You are correct sir, the worst that can happen is they say "no". But the flip side is, you get a gig out of it if it rolls in your favour.

Good luck man.


First off, good luck.
I read in modern drummer years ago that a rock drummer tried out for some county band gig he thought would just fill some time for him waiting for his next rock gig. Tuned out it was more challenging than he thought it would be and he loved the gig and stayed with it. My point being go for it, both sides may turn out very happy.


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Good advice from everyone so far,sounds like from your earlier posts that you were a proactive constructive member,if you bring that same attitude to your playing and prep what will happen is what should happen,and remember a pro "we" attitude goes along way with folks,try and prep as best as you can,and good luck.


"no, thanks", right???
Hey at least they react like a disgusted girl and tell you to get the hell away! It's worth a shot. Especially if you like what they have already done. It is a cover band and from what I see on their song list, they seem like a pretty cool cover band.
But that Kid Rock song on there is a little turn off! (just kidding)

Oh I forgot to say, good luck to you! I bet you will do fine.