Thinking about switcing drumheads

I usually use remo coated emperors or pinstripes, but im thinking about trying something different, any suggestions?


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clear g2, classic clears20202020


It all depends on exactly you want from your drums and also the type of music you play. If your forum name is any indication, I might have an idea on your genre of music.

i play mostly hard rock, 70s and 80s stuff, stuff like zeppelin, kiss, bad company, sabbath, motley crue, van halen, judas priest, and quiet riot


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Evans FTW!
I really think they have a better control of quality than Remo does.



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The Evans White coated G Plus would be a good choice, single ply sound with 2 ply durability.


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I like Evans G2 clear heads for tom batter heads. I try others but always seem to return to G2's. My Gretsch set has EC Resonant heads on the bottoms, and I like how they sound. G2 over EC Resonant will probably become my go-to tom heads. Peace and goodwill.
I just made the switch from Remo Pinstripe Coated heads to Evans G-Plus coated heads and I couldn't be happier.
Nice deep sound with a 2-ply feel. I'd definitely recommend them.
[Edit] Also, I switched from a Coated Emperor X on my snare to an Evans ST Dry head over Hazy 300. Brilliant sound.