Thinking about putting together some drums...


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Seems like it'd be a nice winter project to buy some shells and hardware and do my own finish and put together a set. First, as I'm still in the research phase of this possible project, anyone have some favorite web sites or other resources for information on finishing/assembling drums? Anyone have a favorite retailer for shells or hardware that I should look at?

I've poked at the Search here a few times, haven't really found a ton of threads here in the forums. Anyone have any experience they want to share? I'm starting to come up with a few more specific questions, like how big of a deal is it really to do your own bearing edges, or should I order shells with edges cut already. Same question with drilling for hardware.

And has anyone ever seen a lugless tom? I generally tune my batters and resos to the same pitch on my toms, so it seems like an interesting idea to make a tom without lugs, using log rods straight from rim to rim.


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you will probably have to cut your own edges too. i dont know of any shell companies that cut them before.

if you ask tho, keller might


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There are many threads about assembling your own kit.
You should do a search and you will get great info.

There are also several threads on free floating lug-less drums.

I have played several lug-less drums over the years and I did not hear the benefit although the owners of these drums swore by them.

If you google the subject you will also find several sites that sell shells that are drilled and edge cut to your specs.
Some of them also have a great selection of hardware too.

here is one link
This co will cut and drill for you. They also sell lots of hardware.
Another link


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Thanks, that definitely helps. I am searching, but there's a lot to sort through. Knowing what to search for is part of the trick as well, especially when in the initial research phase.

To partially answer some of my own questions: has a ton of information, mostly from Drum Shed, which appears to be somewhat defunct.

Also some discussion at but a lot is hidden behind a pay wall...


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if you look on keller's website, they list 4 companies that sell their shells plus other parts. keller and those 4 companies will all cut bearing edges and drill for lugs for an added price. i think it's $15 for bearing edges and $2 per lug hole per shell but that will vary depending on what company does them and i'm not sure if the prices changed in the last few years since i looked up making drums.