Thinking about dropping back down from a 26" bass drum to a 22" bass drum.

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I have had several years of fun with a loud heavy rock band that I no longer play with. I had been using some large Ludwigs. I have a Classic Maple and a Vistalite kit in the Bonham sizs. I skipped the 18" floor tom on the CM. But now I think I want to drop back down to a 22" bass drum to get some tight punch back with a smaller footprint. I had been considering a 24", but I think I would be fine with the 22.

The plan is to build on the existing CM kit to build a shell bank of options. I suppose that I could do this with the Vistalite, but I might just sell the Vistas in order to make room and purchase what I want.

I think at some point I would like to pick up 10", 12" toms, but for now I think I can get buy with the 14" rack that I have. One more reason to expand the CM kit and let go of the Vista kit seems to be tom mounting options, specifically Atlas rack tom options. Up till now, both kit's 14" rack tom sat in a snare basket. I don't see anyone use Atlas with a vista kit. It makes me wonder if it concentrates too much stress on the Vistalite shell. I only seem to see them with the Vibrabands or whatever they are. And those just seem like a PITA when changing heads and whatnot. But, for a CM kit, they seem like a pretty solid option for rack toms. I'll keep my Keystone mounts for the floor toms as These are a great design and don't stick out stupid far like the floor tom Atlas mounts do. Three of those things would pretty much make it impossible to get into a case or bag.

I noticed that it is not very common to have a center mount tom holder on the bass drum. I think I kinda miss this. Plus, the extra weight on the bass drum seems to help anchor it in place.


I am seeking Ludwig bass drum input. I am pretty much leaning toward a 22"x14" bass with non-curved spurs. I am over that and would prefer function over classic looks. I am looking to not have the bass drum bounce around. My 26" seems to move a lot, even if it is not creeping away, it is bouncing up and down. Ludwig isn't the best at representing their options clearly in their online catalog.

So do they just offer one bass drum mounting base for rack toms? The Elite? I feel this is the least attractive of the bass mounts. I might try to have it both ways. Rack toms mounted on the bass for simplicity, but also have the option to run a double tom mount off the left side of the bass, or just a single single from both sides mounted to cymbal stands.

I think something more functional than the curved spurs might assist in holding it in place as well as just fold back for transport without having to remove curved spurs. I won't miss that. At least when trying to fit into a hard case.



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I did the same a few years back but from a 24" that is a cannon but not all that practical. It's too heavy and has curved spurs that I don't like for the same reasons as you, bouncy bass drum. It has the extra fittings for 4 spurs but that's overkill!

Keep your eye out for a used 22x14, they pop up quite often, might need a rewrap and a bit of TLC but it's worth it. It's the best bass drum I own by a country mile, so versatile and more importantly giggable. I had to put a bass drum anchor on the front but that makes it look nice and retro.

I've been looking at putting a couple of mounts on my bass drum as well recently as the ones on mine have long gone. There's the Atlas Rail mount which looks very cool, I was thinking about getting that and a ride arm mount too.

They also do the atlas spurs which look way more practical than the curved spurs.

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Oddly enough, I never experienced the bouncing bass drum with the curved spurs (I always had the 1/2" big ones). But you're right about transporting though - I always had to just remove them to get the drum in a case. The new folding spurs are perfect.

I've played 20" through 28" Ludwig bass drums and they were all fun to play. The 22" for me is the most versatile. I say go for it. But I'd also get a 13" rack tom. I think the 13/16/22 configuration is just classic!

K Chez

I hear ya with the "bouncing" bass drum. Never had an issue with it in my set up until I switched to an Axis pedal - the clamping mechanism just didn't give it a solid connection until I did some modifications. With my Pearl pedal, it was never an issue-my kick always stays put in every situation (except the time on the linoleum stage with no carpet!) Even though I play big heavy rock, the thing I never liked about 26's and bigger is you can't have the beater hit in the center of the drum and all drums that size have a shallow depth vs. diameter, which would make them less stable. I have an early 90's Rocker kit with a 24X16 that has massive depth & punch w/ an Emad and no pillow/blankets/contents of a laundry basket dumped inside. If I want a less "boomy", tighter sound, I can get that with a less lively head like a hydraulic batter and a reso with a big hole (around 14"-16") cut and centered with the beater and a feather pillow (they breathe more). Never liked having the toms mounted on the kick - it chokes the resonance of the shell too much for my liking.


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I have 14x26 and 16x26 virgin kicks. Both have Elite spurs. I don't have any issues with rocking and bouncing. I do have velcro on the bottom of my pedal to avoid creep,just in case. My friend has a 16x26 with two sets of the large curved spurs. That beast doesn't budge.

I have noticed that kicks with single mounted toms or cymbals seem to rock quite a bit. It throws the balance off.

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Thanks for all the input guys. So the bouncy bass drum is not my main reason for wanting something different. Although, I was wondering how other spurs compared. I have the newer curved spurs, not the older thinner vintage spurs on both my Ludwig bass drums.

I think I mainly want to just change it up to get a bit tighter bass drum tone, response, and smaller footprint. I miss doing more technical things with my double pedal. With the 26" bass, it just seems to get lost in the bottom and the head response is a bit inconsistent. The 26 also really creates quite a space between rack and floor. Sure, these are all minor things, but I think I am at that point where I want to try something different.

I think that some, one or two smaller rack toms might be nice eventually. Maybe 12 and 13, or 10 and 12 would be nice. That would let me mount over my bass drum. I brought my old Tama Granstars downstairs to set up in the meantime. Man... they sound great as ever, but holy cow those power toms are deep. Very different than the past few years playing a slightly angled 14x10 rack. Hahahaha...

Just screwing around, I angled them fairly aggressively at me. Think Dave Lombardo from Slayer Season in the Abyss or SOH days. I set up two up, and one down. I almost don't know what to do with myself by adding the extra tom! Hahaha.. I feel like Nico McBrain from Iron Maiden! I have been playing a one up one down, and lately one up two down for so long, that this standard five piece set up seems foreign to me. I like it, but I think I wish the toms were shallower so I wouldn't have to get all Lars Ulrich up in here, up in here.

I have to say that I have been really impressed with what Ludwig has to offer lately. They made a big leap forward since I was a kid with their hardware. Their kits and snares sound amazing and they offer some of the best variety in kits out there now. Not only that, but they are offering them is some fantastic finishes to boot. My first kit was a Ludwig Rocker and I hated the hardware. The hardware was one of the big reasons my next kit was a Tama. But I have to say that I am happy to give my business to Ludwig nowadays. I also like the idea of supporting an American drum company. I wouldn't buy exclusively because they're made in the U.S. but they earned it through their quality.


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I think you will LOVE the 22 personally. So much punch, you can hear it better, better rebound.

I must say I am kindof over virgin kicks... Having toms mounted is so much better for cymbal stand placements, and convenient at gigs. I still have a virgin kick, but I wish some of the high end stuff had more bass drum mounted toms.. Looking at a new starclassic at the moment and I imagine I'll be mounting on the cymbals.

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I think you will LOVE the 22 personally. So much punch, you can hear it better, better rebound.

I must say I am kindof over virgin kicks... Having toms mounted is so much better for cymbal stand placements, and convenient at gigs. I still have a virgin kick, but I wish some of the high end stuff had more bass drum mounted toms.. Looking at a new starclassic at the moment and I imagine I'll be mounting on the cymbals.
I think so too. There is a fair amount of herd mentality in the music instrument business. Mounting toms from bass drums fell out of fashion and we got what we got. You can still generally get a bass mounted tom holder, but it seems to be the exception. I mean, I suppose that I could even try a double tom holder on it's own stand, for an offset two up one, (or two) down configuration, but I would still prefer to at least have the option to mount the toms from the bass. Call me old school, lol.