THIEVES!!! A Tale of Johnny Lightfingers

The Colonel

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JUST got back the hats. They looked nervous when I was nearing the drop-off site, but once they saw me they knew everything was gonna be AOK. I took the hats out for a picnic lunch - we threw the pigskin around - it was just like old times. I think we both realized then, just how much we need each other. And I vowed to never turn my back on them ever again.

I love you, 14" K Constantinople hi hats.


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Too funny Colonel!!

I was waiting for a custom set to be finished and had to borrow a friend's set for a gig.

The guy who owned the place insisted that we play the small front room instead of the larger room in back and I had the rig on the floor near the door. Sure enough, we turn our backs for one minute and the top plate of the high-hat, a 16 crash and the bassist's guitar =Poof!!!

I was so friggen pissed...we never got 'em back.

Count your blessings Col. and keep your guard up...


My Roc-n-Soc motion throne got jacked out of the band van. Amp heads, cabs, basses, guitars, and drums were all left alone. I used to look like I was about to fall asleep while playing on that throne, maybe someone caught on. Who might even be a wicked computer chair now.

Now go give your hats a nice massage....maybe a good sticking.