There's a New Kid in Town


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Well, not that new, but new to the title of main snare drum.

I picked up this Rogers Powertone a while back, while they were still under $400.

While I understand people's reservations about spending big bucks on the new Roger's kits, I have to tell you, this snare drum kicks butt. It does everything I could ask of a maple snare drum, and does it well.
I have a real soft spot for my 1950's Slingerland snare, but for a do-all mainstay with high quality hardware, this Rogers is hard to beat. It has replaced my Pearl Sensitone as my go-to. It does everything the Pearl does with equal sensitivity, but with a richer, sweeter tone and more body.

They're still reasonably priced, and well worth considering!


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what's the tom and bass (old man doesn't recognize lug..)
look better than factory +/-!
I looks great. May it give you years of musical joy! Peace and goodwill.
YouTube here I come. 🎶 😃. I've GOT to listen to what has replaced your mainstays and you listed some good ones.
This review from DCP isn't too bad. Shane kinda gives them faint praise, I feel like, and doesn't explore the nuances of these drums at all, but they do showcase all the sizes, which is cool!

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What's not to like. I'll take the 6.5 wood. Beautiful warm tone..punchy..not attacky. Sweet sounding. It's what I try for when putting on a new head. Generally I'll take the 5 but the 6.5 is everything the 5 is and more. under a spell now.