There were "good people" on both sides...


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How many drummers do you have, where do you keep them, and what do you feed them? :ROFLMAO:

Just kidding. :p
I also play keys and over the years have spent much more on them, and have had many more of them than I have on drums and cymbals.
I play bass too.
I don't think of them as 'sides', more as one big musical melting pot.
Yes you're right, Inside a present perfect which means the action is still going on in the present...thanks anyway to correct me, it helps a lot to improve my finesse in medicine language...
And yes my side was just a reference of some US president soon to be not anymore in the White House... And the side of the stage...of harmonies and melodies side (guitars and keys) versus rhythm section, bass and drums...
So, how many keys do you have? I play vaguely the bass but still have 3, G&L L2000, and 2 Ibanez, SR1200 premium, 25th anniversary 4 strings and SR 2605, clear burst Blue, 5 strings...
And 5 guitars...One acoustic, fender 300, G&LUs made Away blue boys, G&L Isa special edition Savanna Away Deluxe 2 HH, G&L Legacy Strat style HSS, Ibanez AS153, kind of Gibson 335...and that's it and that's not bad, I will learn how to play that when I will be retired, these days my guys and girls the band play them...well, were playing them until August...
And keys is the one I went too carat the most, but I have some from the 80's: Stage 2, More lead 2X, spécial édition reverse Keys, Roland D50 1986, Yamaha Tx802, same year, Oberheim Matrix 100;X 2, running in stereo, Emu Proteus 2000 with Ram cards, Roland XV5080 with Ram cards too, Nord C2, uppadted withnthe C2D uprade, Prophet 12 and prophet 08; Sequential and I think I have to plan for themes prophet 10...
Well, music is my passion so, my kids play, singing and a bit or guitar for my daughter, piano for my son, I hope I will live old enough to play as well with my grand kids!!!!

What keyboards do you have?


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That disciplinary measure would never work with me. When I hear the keyboard part to "The Final Countdown," I hide in bed beneath the covers.
You know what, it took me years to understand it was considered as a must but never play first him classical music was Michel Legrand, Misty by Eroll Gather and Honesty by Billie Joel plus 3 standards of Duke Ellington...


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Rob Zombie said in the documentary Hired Gun about what he looks for in a touring musician:
1. Be a good musician
2. Be cool on stage
3. Be the kind of person he can stand to be around 24/7.

That last one whittled it down to "about 3 people" he knew to choose from.

I've learned being a hired gun to be that third guy. Unless I'm personally confronted by a-hole band members, I'm pretty much in my lane & serving the songs.

Sadly, I've worked with some very egotistical & narcissistic people over my 30+ years of playing.
Haven't we all. I'm a firm believer in empty pipe make the most noise. In my experience it's usually wannabe singers and wannabe bassists.

That's the biggest bit people forget about with bands, there's a hell of a lot of waiting around. You need someone you can stand and vice versa to get you through the boredom.


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.....What keyboards do you have?
Not so much left for keyboards anymore - a Kurzweil PC4 and PC3LE, Waldorf Blofeld, some old Alesis stuff - QS6 and Micron, and an Arturia Keylab controller for the billions of softsynths flying around on my computer. 🤪 I've still got some modules and desktop units too.

Last year when the PC4 came out, I had to have it, and foolishly traded in a Ludwig Jazzette towards it. That's the last keyboard I bought.
I missed the Ludwig though, so when a similar one came up recently I grabbed it.

Drums were the first instrument I learned, they're what I play the best, and they're what I've played the most.
I didn't take up keyboards until I was adult age, and I didn't take up bass until I retired. I've got a thing for short scale Mustangs and have a bunch of those.
Drums are my first love though. :love:
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Yup, it is a pretty great community. While there is some negativity on here that rears its ugly head from time to time, this is a very decent place to be. I like the experience represented on here from real working musicians. I don't value a famous musician's endorsement of a product as much as I do a mass endorsement from here. To me, the people on this forum represent reality for me much more than the superstars we look up to. The gigging drummers on here are much more likely to play sketchy clubs, parking lots, flatbed trailers, coffee shops, churches, etc. We also tend to play places where volume and lack of space is an issue, and we have to be creative (a lot of time on the fly) in our solutions. This brings with it more value than playing stadiums night after night where gear is set up, played, and torn down in a very controlled environment.

I trust the opinions on here, and there's a lot of value to me in that.


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I've been a drummer for 60 years but I played keys (Farfisa) in a band in the '60's for a summer, the drummer was my mentor, my band had folded.
I was mostly a key of C hack but over the years I've improved and can solo and comp in several keys and solo in 5/4. Learning Stardust got me into more than pentatonic, noticing that the melody notes can change as the chords do. I write on keys and arrange too.
My favorite key players are George Winston and Bill Payne.
I have backed these key players

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The Piano-Forte is technically a percussion instrument(the string is struck and not plucked, bowed or otherwise abused in the majority of its usage) I think you are in the right place!