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Currently this is the collection, although, I have yet to take pix with the new Paiste 2002 Cymbals, as I have only had them a week.

Current Cymbals: Paiste 2002
14" Sound Edge Hats
16" and 18" Crashes
18" Thin China
24" Ride

Cymbals in these pictures: except for the one taken in 2002, Zildjian K Customs, These were on the brighter side of K Customs, at least the crashes were, They sounded great. I would have kept them, But ...I just really missed the Paiste 02s. The only reason they were sold was to fund the Paiste feavor.
Zildjian K Custom
14" K Custom Dark Top/A Custom Projection Bottom
10 Dark Splash
16" and 18" Dark Crash
20" Dark Ride
21" Special Dry Ride
22" High Definition Ride

My first drumset, Rogers 1977 Fullerton Big R 14x24, 9x13, 16x16, 16x18 Color is Silver Metallic. This pic was taken in my house, Oct. 2006. I got this set first week of Nov. 1979. Its changed slightly over the years, sold off a 14 and 15, added the 16 ft. Snare drum pictured is a Rogers Dynasonic 1980 ten ply maple, 8x14. Tama Pedals, DW 9000 series cymbal stands.



My Rogers 1965 Early Dayton Blue Glass Glitter, 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, 16x16, Powertone 5x14 Maple Snare. Rogers Swan Leg Cymbal Stands.

My Rogers 1964 Cleveland Red Wine Ripple, 14x20, 8x12, 16x16, shown with mid 1967Rogers Dynasonic 5x14, COB seven line.

Top of Bass Drum showing 9.9/10 almost zero fade finish.

My Rogers 1980 XP8 16x18, 8x12, 14x14 Green Glass Glitter, rebuilt and recovered, Cleveland era Swivomatic mounts. 1969 Slingerland 5.5x14, six lug Niles Badge original.

My Rogers 1976 Silver Metallic 14x20 (recovered Dayton) 8x12, 16x16 Snare is Rogers 1983 Dynasonic 6.5x14 10 Ply Maple. Stands are Yamaha, Cymbals are Paiste 2002. Pic was taken in Feb. 2002. (Currently DW Stands, Tama Pedals, Paiste 2002 Cymbals)

My 1995 Ayotte Custom Drums Shaded Cherry Gloss Lacquer, 16x22, 10x12, 16x16, 7x14 Ayotte Custom Snare in Piano Black Gloss. DW Stands, Tama Pedals, shown with Zildjian K Custom Cymbals. Oct. 2006 gospel concert. (The 14x14 is a Mapex M series, the color matched, the drum sounds decent.)
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Beauties! How much did all your sets roughly cost you?

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Snare Drums


Rogers Powertone, 1964, 5x14 with reinforcing rings, Maple Blue Glass Glitter
Ayotte Custom, 1995, 7x14, six ply maple with reinforcing ringsPiano Black Gloss
Rogers Powertone, 1963, 5x14, COB Cleveland
Rogers Powertone, 1968, 5x14, COB Dayton
Rogers Dynasonic, 1967, 5x14, COB Dayton
Rogers Dynasonic, 1968, 5x14, COB Dayton
Rogers Dynasonic, 1974, 5x14, COB Fullerton
Rogers Dynasonic, 1977, 5x14, COB Fullerton Big R
Rogers Dynasonic, 1980, 8x14, Maple 10 ply Fullerton Big R
Rogers Dynasonic, 1983, 6.5x14, Maple 10 ply, Fullerton Big R Factory Dampener
Rogers Dynasonic, 1983, 6.5x14, Maple 10 ply, Fullerton Big R No Dampener
Slingerland 1969, 5.5x 14, Niles Badge, six lug, Original Green Glass Glitter
WorldMax, 2005, 4x14, Vintage with single flange hoops Black nickel.
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Man, you got some sweet kits. Hot on the heels of Bobby Chiasson. Awesome display.


Ok then....I NOW know who I hate the most on this site.....JERK!! :)

WOW...those are beautiful!!! Especially the first one w/ the 8x14 think I just peed!! :)


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Wow! You should open a museum and charge 5 bucks at the door!
Very nice looking vintage kits, I've never played a Rogers before. Are they similar to Slingerland?


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I'm sad now haha


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Holy poop, man. After the first kit I thought I had some nice things to say. By the time I'd seen the second one my head was spinning a little. And by the end of your post I was completely stupid. Awesome, fantastic, sweet sweet sweet collection. And I love the 2oo2's too - I have a 2oo2 22" ride.


How do you like the 24" ride? I bought one off ebay on a whim but havent really used it all that much over the past 2 years. I now have a collection of 5 rides, most of which I use in jazz settings. I play the occasional gig that calls for my 24" ride but other than that it just sits there waiting for me to play it.


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Woah. I wish I had the collection like yours!!!! Geez, if I only had the money :D

lmao. Love the stuff man, keep us posted on every peace of money you spend on drums!!!!

Ha ha....


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I love the 2002 Thin Chinas. They're very musical,sort of mellow,not as clangy as most other chinas.Great choice of cymbals....