theatrical attire onstage


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I think it is important to look good on stage, maybe your guys just don't like your idea, and they could suggest other ideas.

When I was younger I was in a 7 piece band and we did lots of crazy costumes (mostly last minute). we would usually go to the thrift store right before the show and figure out a theme. the best show we did was cowboys and indians.

We also borrowed tuxedos from my school band for our cd release. We came out and did line checks in shorts/t-shirts just looking real sloppy and then changed really quick into tuxedos. Everybody went nuts when we hit the stage.

I saw a picture of myself with a bunch of roadies before a show and I couldn't tell the difference between me and them. I had cut-offs and doc martens and a t-shirt on. I was so embarassed looking at that picture that I decided to try to look nice for every show. I generally try to wear a shirt with a collar.

I think it's fun to go pick outfits that I wouldn't normally wear, but I can wear them on stage. plus I just tell myself it's a tax write off (costumes for performance).


I once made the mistake of wearing a t-shirt with a skull wearing a hat (kind of freddy kruger meets the terminator, see pic) to a worship gig.

The shirt is, of course, harmless... but I can sort of imagine it not fitting in to the type of gig I was playing. I just really liked the t-shirt and wore it to the gig without giving it any further thought.

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Anyone remember Paul Revere & the Raiders? They dressed like American Revolutionary soldiers. There is also GWAR who took theatrical attire over the top. I don't know how they can play their instruments in those costumes. The Tubes are also known for their theatrical attire. It worked for those bands. If you think it can work for you I say go for it.