Theater Pit Kits


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Hey all! Today was the last day of shows my old high school did of West Side Story, and frankly the production was awesome and everyone loved the performance, and it was a lot of fun being my first experience being in any sort of pit set up. That being said, Bernstein's music can be above some high school music departments' heads, so the band director decided to go with a reduced group, mostly consisting of percussion and keys, with tasteful accessories thrown in. We mostly played the chases and scene changes and provided some cool aural effects, and it was neat working our way around the canned tunes. This smaller requirement meant I could do without most of a conventional set, and here it is:

Don't scoff, it's a public school's equipment:

13" ZBT Plus hats
16" A Custom Crash
22" Oriental Crash of Doom

13x3 Pearl Brass Piccolo
Pearl Export shells otherwise, 22" for the bass and 16" for the floor tom. Pretty standard.

Also I used Vic SD4's, which are awesome.

I also remember seeing a Vic Firth video of a guy on broadway and I thought what he had was cool too, so it piqued my interest. Share your pit kits!