The Wanton Song Drum Tab ?


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I got two different versions on The Wanton Song by Led Zeppelin.
Which one in correct. Mainly the bass drum portion is my question.

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I always thought the BD was more 1 +A e+. So just take the ah off of 2 in the 1st example or move the ah to the and in the 2nd example. Gets tricky when he does the fill at :12 which is very impressive IMO.


Close but I was thinking more like 1 +a, (2 on snare) and then e + on BD. However after just listening to it again I think your 1st example may be correct.

Looks like a few different variations will work and all sound good as long as they are clean. This guy has another variation and all though he is a little confusing at times I think you can get something from it.
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if any, I would go with the transcription you got from Nate Brown Nate and his staff do a great job in transcribing. DrumTabs are not very accurate at times.