The Vices!


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What are you guys addicted to? Or maybe not even addicted. Something besides drums that you just love too much to quit?

For starters, I'm a beer nerd, especially when it comes to Stouts, dark ales, and just about any lager. I prefer craft brews like Flying Dog, Oscar Blues, New Belgium is probably my favorite - I worship their 1554, and about all their Lips of Faith beers. And of course, I like some commercial stuff like Sam Adams, and George Killian.

I'm also big on food. If I wasn't such an active cat, I think I'd weigh four-hundred pounds. I mean, I'm no small fry as it is, but the way I put it away, I'd be huge. I dig fast food, but I also love pizza, authentic Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or the simple stuff like fried chicken. I worship good barbecue. I'm convinced I could live off barbecue and die of a heart attack at 35 with a smile on face.


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Ice cream (usually some variation of chocolate or mocha); my iPad (don't leave home without it) and if I told you anything else I'd be violating my 5th amendment right to not incriminate myself :)

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Coffee, digital arts, this forum, free cells (card game), my computer, cars and music (I'm a huge audiophile addict, in all styles)

I'm also a pervert, I love drum porn... :)

One of my CD cover creation...




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Non-cyclists would say that owning three bikes is a problem.

Cyclists know about n+1, or S-1.

Anon La Ply

I have no vices. Just lots and lots of habits.

Dunc, I was thinking WC Fields but Google said George Best. Always loved that quote.


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I have a very long list.So,music,drums,micro brewed beer,my own home made beer,small craft local wineries that make really great stuff,good whiskey and tequila,good sci-fi,books,my own homemade Italian water ice and my own ice cream,buying gormet coffee beans and grinding them myself and mixing them,The same with tea leaves,the current woman (Over 7 Years now) I'm seeing,Making my own saurkraut,growing my own veggies and herbs.A good steak,with salad,baked potato, creamed spinach,and a nice Merlot or black and tan.Lastly,old black and white movies.

Steve B


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Too many to mention, but at least these days they're all legal..........well, most of the time.

I've decided, in reality I give up nothing. I just transfer from one vice to another.


Non-cyclists would say that owning three bikes is a problem.

Cyclists know about n+1, or S-1.
For sure. The roadie, the mtb AND the fixie........and everyone knows the fixie is little more than a feeble attempt to stave off appearing old!! :)


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In order of priorities:

1. Drums
2. Mopar muscle, new Challenger SRT8
3. Good food and lots of it
4. Good beer and lots of it
Fast cars,
Track days,
classic cars
good food
laughs (although these seem rarer)
listening to great music
Moaning about work
relaxing in the sun
Did I mention cars?