The ULTIMATE Paiste Cymbal Showcase - 13 Series Compared!

C.M. Jones

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I've owned a 2002 setup and a Signature setup. Both were great. I tend to favor brighter cymbals, and Paiste usually delivers to that end. I'm playing nothing but the Zildjian S Family right now, which I like very much, probably because it reminds me of Paiste Signatures. A return to Paiste down the line isn't out of the question for me, though my approval of Zildjian's S Family dissuades a transition anytime soon.


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Need to watch this after work today haha
For years i disregarded Paiste for their sound, but since the release of the 602 Modern Essentials I've been getting more and more interested in them. The 2002 Big Beats were also very appealing to me. Since a year or 2 i finally got the china of my dreams (20" 2002 Novo) and also use 2 PSTX cymbals in a stack.
I do have expensive taste though... i also like the Traditionals and the Dark Energy crashes, but those are so darn expensive...
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Just acquired a full set of 2002's. Last time I played them was 1990. Looking forward to giving them a whirl :)


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...and also use 2 PSTX cymbals in a stack.
I love the PSTX series, and never thought I would. I’d been using the Signature and Sound Formula series for years, but wanted something trashy on my x-hat so, back when they were introduced, I went with the 14” PSTX “flanger” stack. Loved it, so I went all in and bought 16” hats, and every size of thin crash. They are much louder than my Sig Fast Crashes, so it required an adjustment in playing, and when I mic them up, the decay sounds like light rain falling in the forest. A really nice addition to my kit’s sounds.



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There are some nice ones in there. Big Beats, Giant Beats, both 602s and the traditional all get my vote!

:oops:Why are my HHX Evos staring at me funny?


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Interesting that the narrator said the 15" 602s were his "favorite hi-hats ever".
On a side note, the 2002 Big Beats sound completely different in YouTube videos than in the Paiste website sound files.
I get that mics and mixing greatly affect the audio, however, there is very little wash on the Paiste website sound flies, while the many YouTube video reviews of the Big Beats have a great deal of wash.

Jeremy Bender

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A very useful and helpful video I thought.
The playing was consistent from line to line, no backing track to drown out the cymbal tones, nor was it a drum-off.
We were able to hear the cymbals in a realistic manner and the educational content was concise at the introduction of each line.

Kudos to Shane, Tony and the crew!
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It was the 602 Modern Essentials. I have a pair of the 15" and they sound lovely. I can't say "favorite ever" 'cuz I use PSTX and Sig Traditionals and love those too.

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It was the 602 Modern Essentials. I have a pair of the 15" and they sound lovely. I can't say "favorite ever" 'cuz I use PSTX and Sig Traditionals and love those too.

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Shane Kinney brought out a pair of the 15” 602 Modern Essentials when I went to his shop . This was shortly after the 602 ME cymbals came out . He said “ Your are going to love these , these are my favourite hihats “. I played them and went home , sold my former favourite reissue 14” 602 Soundedge hihats and bought the 15” 602 ME hats and never looked back . I had never been a fan of 15” hihats till I got these . I had previously owned 15” 2002 Soundedge and 15” Giant Beats - both fine hihats but the 15” 602 ME hihats are just fantastic and so versatile . I use them for so many types of gigs and they work for everything .

I use the 602 Classic sounds rides and crashes with the 602 ME 15” hats and 18” crash and they work so well together .