The Synare Drum Top 10 Countdown?


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The Synare was capable of many sounds - the most characteristic being the descending boom, well used in disco tunes but also in pretty famous pop and rock tunes. I own a Synare 3 and have pulled it out of mothballs to play various classic rock tunes. The Syndrum was all together a different product but made many of the same sounds. Both essentially vanished after the early 80's. I heard this tune the other day while mowing the lawn. I'm kind of curious which Synare / Syndrum songs come to mind. Feel free to add below....

Little River Band "Reminising" which is a pretty good tune.
Ain't No Stopping' Us Now: Mcfadden & Whitehead I kind of like that one too.
Anita Ward: "Ring My Bell"
Amii Stewart: "Knock on Wood"
Shalimar: "Second Time Around"
Ya see....I am old and I used to play these songs in clubs. But I was not Syndrum equipped.
I wanted was too much dough for a working Muzoid.
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at 2:46 are those "toms" simmons or something else?
Sorry if this is too off topic 🤗

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I've still got one. Someone gave it to me years back not sure if it even works!

It's a really old analogue synth pad. It's round me dads I think