The Second Snare


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I use a second snare for different voicing on a handful of songs for the night (4-set cover band). Not so much using the second snare often in many songs but instead switching out for specific songs. My main snare is medium-low for most rock. The switch-out snare is higher voiced.

Just curious about others, when playing the second snare in their kit for a song, do you switch it out or just play it in the far left position leaving the main snare in place (I've found this too hard to do, unintentionally reverting back to the main snare at times.). Do you use low or high as the main snare?


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I will switch out my snares. No room for a side snare!

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I keep my second snare on my left (see pic). 12x5" usually, sometimes poplar, sometimes steel, tuned pretty high. Main snare is usually a 14x5.5" maple, medium tuning range. I use the sidesnare only now and then, e.g. for the introduction in a song or a bridge. Switching 12" and 14" back and forth on the main central stand is uncomfy. But I do bring a backup 14" snare with me (Aluminium or Steel), just in case something doesn't work on stage as expected or if something breaks.


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I usually bring a 5×15 Supralite tuned med-low and a 5×15 Legacy tuned med-high. I don't tighten the basket on my snare stand, I just let the drums sit in the stand, so it takes all of 5 seconds to switch out drums. Eventually I'll have a 5×15 Black Magic too, so I'll have options between three drums; one tuned low, one medium, and one high. Come to think of it, I've got a 5×15 Vaughncraft walnut shell I never got around to building out that I could finish as well...


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I also use and have two snares set up all of the times. If I don't have a parts in the song that need two snares, I keep the side one open without engaged snares for adding percussion type stuff. I don't bring backup snare because of having the two all of time. If something goes wrong with one, I will use just the other one.

Yup. Same here. Faulty snare? Here is another one. Faulty snare stand? Here is another one. I feel like DJ Khaled.


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I've got pretty much the same setup. I use one of the Gibraltar Stealth racks for my main snare, Oriollo Phantom, rack tom and 17" crash. Over to my left I'll usually have a separate stand with a brass Pearl FF piccolo. That pretty much covers all of the bases that I usually encounter. I used to haul around an Oriollo Oribronze but that thing just got too heavy8^). Besides, I couldn't stand it if anything happened to the bronze. It's a beautiful thing!