The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: transcript request


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Newbie here. Never occurred to me playing drums until I got an electronic drumkit for a bargain. Started taking lessons about two months ago. My teacher is a Stick Control fanatic so I'm 'sticking' to that for the moment ('page 5 over and over again, really slow and doing it right, son').He also encouraged me to mess around a little with it when I get really bored ('play the Rs with the bass drum, alternate sticking for the Ls etc').

The thing is I love Bernard Purdie's style. I'm a newbie, so this is probably way over my head: if some charitable soul could transcribe for me Purdie's drums on'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' I 'll be forever thankful. I'd love to be able to play that someday.

This forum has been quite a discovery for me. I love it: such a wealth of information, though most of the things you talk about are way over my head. I expect to be worthy of it someday.

Thanks a lot and keep the good stuff coming!
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I've always loved the drums on that, though I didn't realize it was Purdy...I should have known :)
Ditto. I know that song pretty well and Gil Scott Heron recorded some great work. I also never knew it was Purdie. I'd transcribe it but don't have the software. But as an overview, the basic pattern is one handed 1/16ths on the hi-hat. The bass drum follows the bass guitar on '1+' & '3+'. The snare is 2 & 4. The finer details are lots of 'in between' ghost and accented syncopated snare notes and occassional '3 +a' on the bass drum.