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A large percentage of my life and for some people their health, i.e. back problems, tendinitis, etc. Hopefully I never encounter that though

Bo Eder

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Ah - one of those 20/20 hindsight questions!

Well that's the rub, isn't it? If I say "I wished I would've done this instead" as opposed to "I have absolutely no regrets with anything I've done" one would downplay the drumming activity and the other could be construed as complete BS. I think the price for taking up any musical instrument is that you're not as much doing the social thing that you should be doing. We're all programmed that, as musicians, you must network. Well, you can't network until you're good enough to play for someone who will pay you. The bar on "how good you must be" is nebulous and at times impossible to attain, so you wail away for hours in the practice room possibly missing the chances to hook up with people to expand your base of supporters.

I wish I practiced less and hung out more.


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Only the time spent practising, and I do wish I'd put a lot more time in sooner rather than later. Having said that I don't mind spending time practising, I find it enjoyable and theraputic at times too - I tend to do it when most others are sitting in front of the TV watching soaps or playing computer games and such like (not that there's anything wrong with that - each to their own) so I don't feel I'm missing out really. It'll probably become more difficult if I ever get into a comitted relationship, but for now I'll happily just keep putting the hours in, and maybe one day I'll get better at it ;-)

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It's given me an understanding and appreciation for music I would never otherwise have developed w/out getting into drums.
I try not to let it get in the way of my family life, rather I think it adds to it. ie; My kids play (bass, trumpet, drums) and we have that to share as musicians.
On the other hand, I do have chronic pain in my right wrist, but I blame that on pushing a mouse 8 hrs a day...


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The "real" price? Easy:

Ringing ears. :/

The thousands of dollars I've spent on gear, lessons and rehearsals were spent with great pleasure, so did the countless hours sticking on a pad. But hearing loss is the real bitch we all have to face to some extent. :/



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If I didn't play drums, I'd have a lot more money in the bank.

Not just the thousands upon thousands I've spent over the years on drums, rental of rehearsal places, lessons, instructional tapes/dvds, building a studio, recording equipment, money lost on recordings that didn't sell, etc.

But the career opportunities never pursued because I had to be available for the next gig, and lifetime experiences passed up because I had to stay in town and be available for the next gig.

Not that I regret it at all.


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sometimes i think i'd be a lot better off now if i spent as much time improving my daytime career as i spend improving my drumming. i take drum lessons and i practice every night and go to rehearsals and gigs all the time. i put a lot of time, money, and energy into it. i wonder what my daytime career would be like if i put that much effort into improving it. i'd probably be a big time CEO by now!

i have no regrets though. my career hasn't suffered because of music, and i've had a great time and made a ton of friends. it's worth it!


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Not just the thousands upon thousands I've spent over the years on drums, rental of rehearsal places, lessons, instructional tapes/dvds, building a studio, recording equipment, money lost on recordings that didn't sell, etc.
Who's to say you wouldn't have bought a fast car and wrecked it with that money? Drumming could have saved your life ;)
The second I get enough money for a new drum I want then it's gone, but is there really anything else to spend it on?


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And then there's being the brunt of a million jokes:

Q: What is a drummer's two best years?
A: Seventh grade!

Nyuck nyuck nyuck!


"Uncle Larry"
The prices I've paid:

Time, tinnitus, money.

The rewards I've reaped:

A major driving force in my life.
(some) knowledge of the craft.
Personal satisfaction, major personal satisfaction.
A good reputation with most (can't please everybody).
A label as one of the top drummers in my little world.
Experiences. Priceless experiences.
A life worth living for something I am so passionate about.
An identity apart from what I do for a living.
Seeing people genuinely touched music that I had a hand in.
All my recordings I've gathered, a recorded record of nearly all of my musical pursuits.
All the people I would have otherwise never met.
I've gotten a fair amount of respect from people that are important to me.
The places that the music has taken me to.

I could go on with this all day

A price cannot be put on any of those things. Suffice it to say it has been more than worth everything a hundred thousand times over.


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The price?

1) Tinnitus, bad tinnitus, but the drumming damage of playing with no ear protection plus shooting pistols at a young age with no hearing protection did me in early. It gets worse when I drink alcohol...
2) The unfortunate fate of meeting and having to be around several REAL a$$holes who ....hang on...nevermind....I don't wanna sound like a whiney bitch....

The Rewards?
1) Girls and dates,
2) My lovely wife. If it had not been for drumming or music, I doubt we would have hooked up,
3) The recognition and identity of being a drummer - someone different than a common guitar player or singer, or trumpet player....
4) The instilled passion for music and striving to always do my best,
5) At a younger age, discipline of rehearsals, practice, etc.
6) Life long buds,
7) The knowledge of a particlar area of music,
8) The lifelong passion of drumming and ability to discuss drums, music, manufacturing techniques, and anything else drum related with anyone,
9) Using my God-giving talent to please others and in certain settings, enhance the worship experience for others,
10) A skill and hobby outside my career that I can retreat to and "find" peace and comfort.
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kit: $800
iron cobra double pedal: $400
new heads (several different full sets) $300
mic's for recording : $300
additional mic cables for recording $100
recording interface for recording drums: $275
Cymbals: $1000 (probably more but I have sold just as much on e bay)
gregg bisonette instructional dvd: $40
Sticks: $60
drum dial $60

my price for taking up drumming = $3335

how playing drums makes me feel = $1,000,000.00


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Besides money (which amounts to an amount far greater than I like to think about), drumming and music has cost me countless hours of free time. I've used my vacation time to go in the studio and play gigs, I spend several nights every week rehearsing by myself or with one of my bands. My girlfriend definitely wishes I'd chosen another hobby, but at the same time she knows that music is what makes me happy.

Thankfully, I haven't had any health issues caused by my drumming (or playing other instruments). Even my hearing is still great, even though I really neglected using hearing protection for many years. I do mess up my wrists from time to time, but so far it's always passed after a day or two. Let's hope it doesn't get worse.

Even in hindsight, I really wouldn't change my choice of hobby or the amount of time and money I've spent on it. I'm having a great time playing drums, so why would I rather spend my life and money on something I didn't enjoy as much?


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It was mentioned before by Bo but the only real "price" I had to pay for drumming was the social aspect. Countless hours/nights being locked away woodshedding and practice has keept me out of trouble and other stupid things like movies, dates, relationships, sports events, parties, getting drunk with idiots..ect things that really don't pay off in the long run where as gaining skill on the drums will so I guess I am happy to pay "The Price" for being a drummer.....