The Perfect Movie


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Here I sit, last day at the end of a nice long break, before returning to {groan} work.

Watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
It occurred to me while watching it today, this movie is perfect. The story, characters, music, editing, the direction... all perfect.
It never gets old. From beginning to end, it never skips a beat on being entertaining.
This movie could be on at any point and I would just sit down and watch it.

What’s your Perfect Movie?
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Good Fellas and Apocalypto are two movies I can watch over and over again though I wouldn’t call either perfect.


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The original Star Wars trilogy. Any of the 3 fit this bill for me. Empire is my favorite, but New Hope and Jedi are right there with it. I love that the music is epic and actually has assignments. Darth Vader has his own theme song. How awesome is that!?!

There are plenty of war movies I feel this way about also. Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down, Hamburger Hill, and We Were Soldiers also fit the bill. Hacksaw Ridge is making its way on to this list also.

I need constant stimulation in a movie. I have a real hard time with dramas and rom-coms.


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Batman Begins. True Romance. Zatoichi (cant think of which in particular, but came to mind). Once Upon a Time In Hollywood has me jumping out of my seat in dark delight.

Much like what is your favorite album or whatever, this is subject to change, and does. These came to mind. Fun thread

Also, I kind of agree with the op when I think about it, non stop fun, saw it in the theater as a kid!
Good Fellas and Apocalypto are two movies I can watch over and over again though I wouldn’t call either perfect.

Sooo many greats . A short list of ones that I can sit down and watch when I come across them , no matter at what point in the movie or no matter how many times I’ve seen it, Arts two Goodfellas and Apocalypto?? Art, when you can sit down and watch a long movie like apocalypto over and over with no English spoken and it holds your attention the whole way through you KNOW it’s good . ( love that movie ??)

Shawshank redemption
Gran Torino ( pretty much ALMOST anything with Clint Eastwood)
Full Metal Jacket
The Patriot
The Warriors
Apocalypse Now ( actually gotta be in the mood for this though )
48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop
The perfect storm
True romance
Cinderella Man
Lethal weapon
Saving private Ryan

And one that’s out now that’s great that I’ve watched twice but don’t know if it’ll be on my watch it anytime I come across it is The Green Book with Viggo Mortensen. Great movie if you haven’t seen it .

I mean, there’s so many more . There’s lots of greats but ya gotta be in the mood for something no matter how great it is . Then there’s ones like these that may or may not be great ( personal taste) , but I can watch em anytime they’re on .


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Surprised no one brought up godfather I (or II).

Masterpieces of modern cinema and one of a very small number of brilliant films where the sequel is as good as if not better than the original.


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Some great flicks mentioned. One of my favorites on the lighter side is Bill Murray in "Ground Hog Day". I just love how he finally evolves into a human being (and I just love all the characters and perfect cast)-I can relate to his tale. Three movies my wife and I like to watch over and over is Harrison Ford and Anne Heche is "Seven Days and Seven Nights" and Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in the "Romancing the Stone" and "Jewel of the Nile".


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I remember Dune-the first one-was on my list for a long time but finally I got my "fill" and I haven't watched it in forever. I'm a fan of the cheesy fun original Evil Dead movies-I can watch them over and over-obviously.
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Some already mentioned, but I will gladly get on the bandwagon:

Hamburger Hill

We Were Soldiers Once

(No need for any other "'Nam" movies. Apocalypse Now and Platoon make me want to vomit when put in the same category. Full Metal Jacket was saved by Lee Ermey...)

Blade Runner (agree: Director's\Final cut)

Saving Private Ryan-(if not for anything else...the Normandy landing scene. Spielberg accomplished the "impossible" by putting us as close to the beach as we could get without having lived it. I start to lose it every time I see the soldier whose arm is blown off turn around to instinctively pick it up. Kinda went downhill somewhat from there, but still a "perfect movie").

Some not seen as of the time I typed this, with an unapologetic nod to years past-

Das Boat Director's cut\subtitled (nothing will make you as sympathetic to the plight of the "common" WWII German sailor, soldier, airman, like this one)

Easy Rider (As bad as it's a great film-perfect in spite of it's imperfections)

Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman, George Kennedy. Nuff' said)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (blows other simlar type films-Streetcar Named Desire for instance, away. Sure it's got Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman, but BURL IVES kills it).

Moby Dick-1956 with Gregory Peck. NO CGI lol still manages to catch the spirit of the book.

Frankenstein\Dracula\Wolfman-the Horror "hat trick" of the 1930s. Again-NO CGI just hours of makeup and suffering for the actors, classic stories told in a classy way.

Speaking of the 1930s...

King Kong's an 18" gorilla doll...and miniature sets painstakingly built over several months. But you got to give these guys credit, they pulled it off. And don't tell me you're not (eagerly) waiting for that ape to pull off Fay Wray's

The African Queen-Bogart and Hepburn, at their finest in my opinion. Extra points to Bogart for getting out of the

From Here to Eternity-forget Lancaster, Kerr, and Clift. Sinatra and Borgnine are why we watch it. Oh, and kissing in the surf SUCKS.

Night of the Living Dead (1968). The BEST. So campy and amateurish it could be real. Hard to take any other "zombie" movie seriously.

Bonnie and Clyde-1967 Beatty and Dunaway. Ok, I hesitated on this one. But for 1967, even with it's historic 'flaws' (read: complete fabrications and inaccuracies), one helluva movie. I was captivated by the cut down TV versions as a kid-even to the point of dressing as Clyde Barrow for Halloween lol. Great performances by Gene Hackman and Estelle Parsons as Buck and Blanche Barrow. And who can forget that soundtrack? Damn fine pickin' by Flatt and Scruggs.

The Benny Goodman Story-sure it's a little sappy at times. But those performances... Gene Krupa on matchsticks? Need I say more?

Just for Fun:

The Grinch (Can't stand Jim Carrey, but he nailed this one. Just a great fun film that captures Seuss perfectly and presents it in a modern format that just plain works...)

I need to break for a short could go on, but I'll let someone else have a turn.

Great idea for a thread!