The Pearl D-50 throne

Bo Eder

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Admittedly, I'm a Pearl drums fan. Over my lifetime, I've played most other brands, and even after I became friends with Pearl corp, I've played other brands. But I think I've discovered why I like Pearl so much: they make really good low-level hardware for the parent or player that doesn't have a lot of money that really works. Some people complain about the erector-set-like-philosophy of Pearl's hardware, but I think it just makes life a lot easier. A lot of their parts are interchangeable and you can Frankenstein all kinds of stuff out of their hardware. In this case, I'm probably a bigger fan of their hardware then their drums (although I really do like my Reference drums).

Case in point, whenever somebody would ask me what the most important part of the kit is, I would always say "THRONE". My reasoning being that the player is easily the heaviest part of the kit and you need sufficient support so you can do your job of playing without having to be at some weird height, or worried that the throne might collapse unexpectedly while you were playing. I always recommended that people just save their money, and spend their first $200 on the heaviest, spindle-adjustment throne they could afford. This solves all their problems: the height will stay where it's supposed to, the seat is comfortable, and it will withstand a 200-pound human bouncing on it for hours at a time.

As good advice as this is, some people just don't have $200 to spend on a throne, and I apologize. So with this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Pearl D-50 throne. Yes, it's lighter-weight tubing, it is not a spindle-height adjustment, the seat isn't super thick and comfortable like most high-end thrones. But, it's well-built, and the through-bolt height adjustment is fairly strong enough for the sub-200-pound crowd. It's also really lightweight, packs up easily, and if not abused, should last a long time. And you can get them in the $50-60 range. I added one to my collection of thrones and I'm sure this will lighten the hardware load out very much! It doesn't feel as solid as a high-end throne, but the height adjustment won't move once set (it's a bolt), and that's more important. This design was used on thrones dating back through the 60s - in fact, you can see John Bonham playing on one in the movie "The Song Remains The Same" (same through-bolt height adjustment, but an even more rickety design compared to this D-50).

Here's a photo of the D-50 next to my Pearl D-1000 throne. If you're in need of a nice light-weight throne for the quick gig that won't slip in height adjustment, or just can't afford the huge pro-level thrones like the D-1000 here, try the D-50. I like mine, and it only cost me $49!

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Hey cool. I'm a bolt through fan. How is the seat to post connection?. I have a lightweight PDP throne, and it's fine, but the seat itself wobbles ever so slightly. I'm a lightweight guy, so it isn't me. It drives me nuts. I want my seat to be locked to the post, no movement at all. Does the Pearl seat do this? If so, $50 is a great deal.

I'm a Pearl guy too, and love their hardware for the erector set reason. If anything broke I would keep it and harvest it for parts. Clamps, stands, pedals, didn't matter. It all fit. Unfortunately now I have no more extra Pearl stands, only random vintage stuff, so nothing fits.