the overall audition environment...


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Today I had my audition for the Berklee Five Week Performance Program (I was rewarded partial scholarship to the program through video submission) and did decent. After observing the procedure through word of mouth and looking through the windows I realized everything they were asking I could demonstrate solid, but when I got into the room everything changed... Just a general question: do auditioners put this 'nerve' into account at all or is the audition itself just judged as the performers' maximum ability?

Joe Morris

I don't think they take your nerves into account. When your a drummer and you get nervous got that just is the worse. Your muscles are tight, your timing is off, seems like your coordination is not happening and your groove goes out the window. I hate that feeling !!!

I have tried for a few tours and of course i was nervous. I think you just have to hope you still played decent even though you were nervous but I don't think the people rating you go "well he was probably nervous" . I think what you play is what you get. Just my opinion of course. best of luck



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They realize everyone is super nervous for the audition and are watching to see how you manage the nerves. It's important to handle them because drums are a performing instrument and you need to be playing your best on stage to be successful. It doesn't matter how good you are in the practice room because nobody hears you there.