The origin of the term "Gospel Chops"


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Interesting how some players relish the idea of an identifier, & others hate it as it's often used in a negative way to describe over playing.

Duck Tape

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I love this guy, he's a phenomenal as a player and a great guy as well. Chops & pocket all day long.
I never hear Chris play in the pocket.. I think Chris plays on the beat with such precision that I almost don't notice his playing, or it flies under my radar or something, it's weird. He's very sharp (and very fast).

Respectfully disagreeing, I think. Or just musing. He's something else.


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There are a number of gospel chops/drum shedding videos on YouTube. They are awesome, and musically interesting on there own. I wish they would develop their cymbal work a little more though. Do they have to punctuate every phrase with a full on crash? Yaddaduhyaddadum...Crash! I just think it distracts from the meat of their chops, and makes it sound well choppy.

Matt Bo Eder

Very cool that he explained how the term came about. I never understood why it's called "gospel chops". Cool post! Great player!

Matt Bo Eder

You can hear Chris here with someone who is very accurate. Chris definitely moves it around a bit more.
I think Dave shouldn't be playing on that track ;)

But then again, I'm not sure I'd dig the whole album anyway - it reminds me of some of the 'corporate jazz' I used to listen to in the 70s and the 80s ;)