The one piece of gear you'll take to the grave


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Forgive the overly melodramatic thread title. My recent experiences haggling and shopping for cymbals, discussing favorite rides and snares and things, got me thinking about what pieces of gear I simply would not sell, trade or give away for any reason. I thought it would be an interesting discussion.

I definitely would never part with my 20" K Custom, after all we've been through together. It's not even currently my #1 ride cymbal, but it's irreplaceable to me both from a sonic and a sentimental standpoint. I've used it for nearly thirty years on nearly everything.

What piece of gear will you never let go, and why? (not actually meant to suggest you'll be buried with a piece of gear)
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Sorry, none of it. Everything has a price. The last piece would probably be my Gretsch Brooklyn COB Hammered snare, but if necessary it too would go.
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At this point, it's a Zildjian crash/ride from the 1970s.

I would sell it given the right price, but I would have to sell it for a price that's worth it TO ME as opposed to a Guitar Center/Reverb/Musician's Friend price.

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Since you didn't specifically say drum gear---this was my first electric guitar, and I will never sell her!



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I'm getting cremated so nothing would survive :) My son gets it all.

That said, I have too much stuff that qualifies. It would be difficult picking just one. My Guru drums and my Telecaster and Fender amps would top the list. Oh and my cymbals. I'm kind of partial to my Anthology stick bag and leather cymbal backpack. The Les Paul and Marshall amp deserve honorable mention.


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I guess my Slingerland Gene Krupa Snare. It's not valuable, has the chrome peeling in a spot, and honestly I don't use it much, but it was in the first drum set I got 34 years ago.


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My Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare given to me by a close drumming friend many years ago. As it's the chrome over brass model, I call it my "Fat boy" as it weighs a lot. But the tuneability of it with the independent snare cradle is like nothing I've ever seen or owned before.
It's simply irreplaceable.
It's already been claimed by a trustworthy drumming friend when I croak.

My 22" Zildjian K Custom Dry Ride is easily #2. It's really an all around ride for me & sounds great no matter what style of music I'm playing.

Everything else will go to whomever wants it.


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Sorry, none of it. Everything has a price.
Haha! Buzzkill.

Another way of stating OP’s topic is, “What is your one piece of gear you’d want if stranded on a distant, unknown island.”

Right now, I’m loving my Tama SLP Snare. Next week, it’ll be different.
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None of it. I quite like most of what I have, but I don't put any sentimental value in physical objects.


If it's just one piece of gear, and it's an island, I'd want my 18" floor tom.

I think that's the drum I'd have the most fun with watching the sunset and sipping my fermented coconut milk.


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If I couldn't bring an entire drum set (with cymbals), nothing is important enough to me.

I play the drums because I love how it makes me feel. None of the gear, individually speaking, is sentimentally significant to me.


Until ya'll hear me banging on my tom, the next island over.

I bet then you'd sing a different tune!


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Righteous conversation, AP.

My sticks... specifically my 7A's, which I can only hope will help transcend me into a fresh-new existence where concussive sounds rule my world.

I'd start playing earlier than I did this life, and thanks to science, life-expectancy will be in the triple digit range, providing me with additional decades to fine-hone my talent.

The world will be mine to engineer the finest drums the universe over, which will define the new order of thunder.


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I have a drum key I really like...?

This is kind of a hard question because we are all drum kit players and a drum kit involves several different pieces of gear. Plus what good is a drum key without drums to tune