The old Drummerworld

Jeremy Bender

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It ocurred to me that I really can't remember what the old forum looked like. Even after reading it almost every day for years.
Kooky, huh?


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The old site had a function to view a “printable version” of forum threads, but I don’t see the same function on the new site. Does anyone know if this still exists?


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Well I loved the "old DW"(actually there was an older Prehistoric -or at least looked different) but it was inevitable it would have to transition to the "Young DW" because drumming keeps you young. Obviously! This playground is a lot easier to navigate, we can give each other the finger-up or down, our moderators keep the "bullies" at bay, we can pass notes in class, we can play or fight on the playground, we have some good "teachers" here, we can show off our newest toys, it's got a great "library", we have a "lounge" just like at school cause we don't know what it really is used for?, I can go on and on. I don't often get bored, but when I do, I visit Drummerworld-Stay young my friends LOL.


I'm fairly new so forgive what might be an obvious question. Some questions and threads are indicated on Google as "archived", is there a way of viewing these? They aren't actually that old, 2010 or so, presumably these were on the old site?