The Old Drummers or the New Drummers?

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Do you know folks, that we haven't got a single female drummer mentioned as an influence yet!

Mmmm... I guess men are more influencial than women... (just kidding Polly...)
Now here is where I let myself down. Back in the day, when KIS played drums for a megre living, I didn't listen to many other drummers. I was so consumed (& blinkered) by "the job", that I just got on with it in my own way. Just about the only drummer that made me sit up & listen was Simon Phillips. Then, after a 20+ year break from drumming (& also paying any attention to drum related matters) I come back & the landscape has changed so much. To this day, I know little about other drummers, especially the greats. The only drummer I'm a fan of, is still Simon Phillips, but I am amazed at the work of players such as Gavin Harrison, Benny Greb, etc. I tend to be influenced by little snippets of stuff I catch by default. I don't seek influence, & that probably isn't good for me.
I think the older I get ,the more techinical drumming doesn't interest me as much as a moving song with musical drumming.That's why Led Zep and The Beatles will be talked about 100 years from now.

Jethro Tull or Pink Floyd still move me.

Songwriting is the number one force.
Pity I'm shit at it but that's what makes the heart flutter,the tears flow.
I'm a softy .
I always start crying when I haer Climb Ever Mountain or an old Genesis track.

Over technical drumming just takes away that feeling.
Dream THeater and Porucupine Tree I can't get into.
They have some interesting musical ideas but I think the sounds are what I don't like about them.I put on Floyd and you haer those old string sounds or Genesis with Tony Banks awesome tron,hammond and synths and get blown away.
Today's prog has that ingrediant missing.
THat soulful organicingredient.
It's all cold ice and no warm sun.

I find myself getting inspired also from music without drums
The technical drummers will be forgotten.

I do agree with Simon Philips though.

His performance with The Who blew me away and his stuff with Jeff Beck..

One of the few technical drummers I love.

I do love all of Frank Zappas drummers but Frank had an amazing way of making music interesting no matter how technical he made it.

For me,it's always about supporting my brothers or sisters.My bandmates.Making the band have a ONE sound.
Not stomping all over their toes.

Being in a band is family.

Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent
I do agree with Simon Philips though.

His performance with The Who blew me away and his stuff with Jeff Beck..

One of the few technical drummers I love.
Yes, he's my fav drummer by far, he has amazing technique, true, but I can put together over 20 albums that he played on where he's not technical whatsoever, just groove and groove, amazing...

And on the other hand, he will play on albums were his technical side is unbelievable, I'm sometimes lost in what he does, but it's still nice to the ears, the latest album by Hiromi "Voice" is a perfect example...