The New Year Ahead


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Some of you on the other side of the globe may already be showing 2020, as we on this side wait for another 16 hours or so. Many new members to the forum, and a new Forum Format thanks to Bernhard, kept us all going, and drumming, and hopefully laughing at ourselves and each other as 2019 ends. Thank you for keeping the forum fun, educational, and a good place to escape to our favorite hobby. To those of you making money with drumming, and music, may 2020 see you continuing on you road to finacial gain. Those of you aspiring to have drumming and music a source of income, good luck in your endeavour. To those of you who are hobbyists like me, keep the good times rolling. Hopefully drumming has helped you escape as well to a peaceful place. To all members and lurkers, thanks for being here, and thanks for making our job easy as moderators. Bernhard, Jon, Andy, thanks for allowing me to be a part of the Best Drum Forum on the net. Happy 2020, peace and love. Grunt, johnny, GD.


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Thanks for your new year’s wishes and all your work on the forum.

I’ve just got home from a great new years’ gig. Sold out show, ten piece band. Got to play Smooth, Copacabana, Livin La Vida Loca and 37 other party songs with a full horn section, to a packed venue full of happy people. Great night.

Good luck to everyone across the globe getting ready for gigs.
And have a great 2020!


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Great post Grunt, & a huge thank you for your input to this wonderful place. Same to Jon, & to Bernhard for his insight, leadership, & damn hard work!

To all here, and your accommodating significant others + loved ones, my fondest best wishes for the new year. May you all find contentment in 2020 & beyond.



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Happy New Year to you as well! As the saying goes, "It's the economy stupid". As a wannabe pro but content with being a hobbyist, I've had to come to terms about not being able to play in a band for any meaningful length of time, mostly due to job changes and other responsibilities. The interest seems to be waning as I enter my elder years.


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Happy New Year to all as well...

i reflect back to the past 43 years of drumming for me, and still can't believe it has turned into a career, as I was hoping when I started at 7 years old. 20+ years into it being a career and I feel pretty blessed. I am actually sitting here typing during my planning period at school, in between band classes, and that is what made me think about where this great activity has led me.

Hopefully everyone finds some way to let drumming be an inspiration this coming year. I feel that as I get older, it has to be smaller, more hidden gems sometimes that relight the spark. Like this morning, one of my 7th graders came in beaming b/c she got her first drumset for Christmas...and I was part of helping her parents pick it out. She had been talking about wanting a set for a year now. Little things like that go a long way.

And also, thanks to all who do the work on this site. Drumming is an ancient form of communication, and it is cool that we have this from of modern communication to discuss the old form in!!