The New Retroplate is here!


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First I want to thank Bernhard and all of the great members of this forum! Drumming would be a lesser experience without all of you!

We have a new Retroplate model, the New Ludwig, available in silver and has a cleaner look. This Retroplate fits any throw-off which uses a 7/8" spacing for mounting to replace the P-83, P-85, P-86 and P-88 throw-offs on any Ludwig snare drum which uses those model of throw-offs, regardless of shell depth! It also replaces the Slingerland Rapid throw-off as well.

The New butt side Retroplate replaces the P-32 butt with the Trick butt, which is drum key operated. It replaces the Slingerland Rapid butt as well

In addition, these parts may also replace other brands' throw-offs and butts.

Click or tap here to learn more about the New Ludwig Retroplate!

New Ludwig 5.jpgNew Ludwig 7.jpg