The new Kiko Freitas clips are great!


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Yes - i fully agree.

Kiko sent me the DVD's and his playing is phenomenal. Love it so much, check them out!!!!!



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Sigh, I hate not being able to watch videos on my computer.

With that said...I just have to point out that I first read "The new Kiko Fritos chips are great," and came in here wondering why we had a spam thread, but also wondering what the difference was between Kiko Fritos and regular Fritos.


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Another great video, the solo was awesome. Cyber props to Bernhard!

Is he using a Premier?
Looks like a premier to me.

Thanks for the vids Bernhard! Lots of great material, and great quality too! I haven't heard of this guy, but his playing is killer.

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I know this is a super old thread, but I just discovered this guy today on my own. I was checking out some Pearl snare drums and came across this guy.

Absolutely amazing and inspiring matched grip snare drum work here...

There's other stuff he's done on YouTube, but a lot of it is in Portuguese because he is Brazilian.