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New Great Sounding and Brain Twisting Independence Idea

Hey Everyone-

Happy New Year!

So, this post isn't strictly a "Nasty Drum Lick," but it's in the BANG! The Drum School camp of new stuff, so why not post it here?

It's an independence thing....I promise you it's challenging yet great sounding....

Have a look here:

A New Kind of Rock Drumming Independence, Part 1

Hope you find it interesting, fun, challenging, helpful....etc.



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Nasty Drum Lick #90

Hello again, Drummerworld friends.

Here is a new Nasty Lick for you to dig into if you wish. I like it a lot....I'm using it myself, so it's "gig-approved."

There is a video and a downloadable PDF at the link, which is below. Hope you find it interesting, helpful, and enjoyable.

NASTY LICK #90 PDF and Video


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Hi again, everyone.

Back to the "Nasty Lick" is the latest....It's #98 and it is a great sounding 32nd note groove lick... PDF included at the link.

Check it out here: Nasty Lick #98


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Hi again.

Here's the latest. It's another 32nd note idea that really has many uses. And I bet you can find other ways I haven't thought of. I think of it as my own 32nd note version of Gadd's ratamacue lick (although, yes, I know, the ratamacue lick is based on triplets).

Anyway, if you feel like checking it out, go here for an explanation and the PDF: Nasty Drum Lick #99

Have fun, and let me know your thoughts.


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Here's one that I've really made part of my vocabulary... It's "Nasty Drum Lick #71," a five note pattern played as 16th note triplets. I think it sounds very cool....

Here's the link with the PDF: "Nasty Lick #71"

Let me know if you dig it (or not)!


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Hi Everyone!
This long last...marks Nasty Drum Lick #100. It's a cool combo of 32nd note ideas that I really like. It combines singles, the inverted paradiddle, and a hand/foot combo into one measure of 32nds....

I hope you enjoy it!

here's the can find a PDF there: Nasty Lick #100


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Hey Everyone!

Here's the latest : "Nasty Lick #101."

It's another 32nd note groove lick--in the vein of Gadd's groove ideas between the hi-hat, snare and bass drum.

You can get the PDF at the link: Nasty Lick #101

Hope you enjoy it.


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New Video for Nasty Lick 98

Hey Everyone -
This lick was posted earlier, but I've updated it with a new VIDEO.

It's Nasty Lick 98---a groove oriented 32nd note lick that you can throw into a's a short video, but it demonstrates how the lick should sound.

Hope you find it helpful. If you dig it, there's a PDF with the notation at the link too.

Nasty Lick 98 w New Video